IMG_8698[1]After the comedown from the excitement of a dog wedding, this week has been pretty normal, which is just as well because I’m not sure I could take that sort of eccentric chaos every week. My hedgerow picking adventures have continued this week and I must say that it has been a bumper crop of blackberries this year. I have been amazed by the size and quantity of the blackberries that have been picking these past few weeks and I have been putting them to good use, in puddings, wines, liqueurs, oh and of course jam.

I was a Birthday girl on Wednesday and so the weekend heralded a little get together of close friends. The evening was a fine one and over a bowl or two of punch my Birthday celebrations continued past the witching hour. An array of savoury and sweet food was gradually diminished over the course of six hours and as the night drew on a merry band of friends drew closer to the fire as they enthusiastically played guitars and bongo drums. It was a lovely evening and as the sun set over my corner of West Wales I realised how lucky I am to be blessed with good friends and ones that also have good taste in presents.

The fine weather has meant that my writing work has been somewhat abandoned as I have been busy exploring the invigorating countryside of our fine green land, although I have been storing up plenty of articles and am now eager to be back at the laptop or maybe I should say typewriter. A very dear friend of mine gave me a lovely vintage typewriter for my Birthday as she instinctively knew I would love it and that it would bring back memories. As I tapped the keys of a typewriter for the first time in over fifteen years, the memories flooded back and I remembered the very first typewriter I owned at the young age of eight. I used to type stories and letters to my little friends and I really do wish my parents had kept those stories and indeed the typewriter. I must admit I had forgotten how much hard work a typewriter is and goodness knows how I ever got my college essays completed on a manual typewriter before I progressed to a Cannon Star-writer word processor for my thesis. My lovely vintage typewriter will be taking pride of place in my new writers den and I must admit when I type on it I do feel a bit like Jessica Fletcher, from Murder She Wrote, so maybe I’ll start writing food inspired murder mysteries, but there again maybe not.

Someone once told me that you should never term a room a ‘spare’, because it will become a junk room and they were right.  My current ‘spare room’ is a graveyard of disused and displaced items and so it is going to be transformed this week into a writers retreat. My desk is already in position and from the window there are fabulous views, so I am on a mission to create my own patch of writing paradise as I dedicate a toy free zone that will be known as my creative room.

Well this week will see me on a quest to preserve lots of lovely, local Welsh apples and preparing for a talk on the history of cakes at the Cardiff Story Museum, before preparing to dig for victory at Newport Food Festival. Gosh, with so much to do I’d better stop wittering, so until next week I bid you a fond farewell from wonderful West Wales.