dog 2Another week has reached an end and I’m pretty sure that I haven’t achieved all my aims, but I did manage to get everything done for Hattie’s party. I’m now trying to catch up with my writing commitments whilst watching over the girls who have a string of demands that are seeing me construct sentences at a speed of one an hour.

After weeks of preparation the day of Hattie’s fifth Birthday party arrived. The back patio was transformed into a flamingo filled beach for the day and sixteen children ran around wildly. Hattie had a wonderful time and the treasure hunt was a great success.  After the three tier flamingo themed cake had been reduced to a mere quarter of its original size it was time for everyone to go home and the big clean-up operation to begin.  As I began the washing up operation Hattie and Libby snored peacefully in bed and I am not surprised after all that running around. The day saw adults and children alike partake in sack races, treasure hunts, party games and pin the flower on the flamingo. The party may be over, but I am left with some good memories and photographs for the album.flamingo 2

I always feel sadness when parties come to an end and I am faced with a pile of dirty plates and shrivelled balloons, but this week I will be getting ready for another party. This is no ordinary party that I will be planning, but something rather extraordinary.  During my line of work I got talking to a hotel manager in Scotland and discovered that they are offering dog weddings, during the course of the conversation it was decided that my mongrel Miss Molly should tie the knot with the hotel manager’s dog, Monty.  Well my theory is that we only have one life and so we should try as many different things as possible and you can’t get much more different than a dog wedding.

So after catching up with my workload I shall be making a headdress for the canine bride-to-be, donning my mother of the bride outfit and making a three tier doggy cake for the happy couple. Then I shall be heading off to Scotland for the big day with my big hat and hankie at the ready.  In case you are wondering, yes, she did have a hen party.  Miss Molly and a couple of her dog friends headed off to the Vintage Style tearooms called Bach in Aberystwyth one Friday evening and  reclined on the leather sofa as they enjoyed bowls of dog friendly popcorn and venison treats courtesy of  dog treat specialists Billy and Margot.  It may all seem a little bit barking, but it is a bit of fun and it goes to show how dog ownership has changed over the years.  There is a good article in this and let’s be honest I bet you can’t wait to see the photos.

Well I had better get back to writing my articles and this doggy wedding cake won’t bake itself.  So until next week I bid you a fond farewell from a wet, windy and slightly barking corner of West Wales.