Singer Kerry Katona has moved up the road to me in Crowborough.trolls3

Would you believe it, her teenage daughter has had to appeal to anonymous Trolls to leave them alone! How evil is that?

Apparently the so-called neighbours have said that she’ll lower the prices of their homes.

Why? What do they think she’ll do, wee in the garden?!

I don’t believe that they’re genuine neighbours. People around here just aren’t like that. They’re decent, friendly people and way above that kind of behaviour!

Everyone’s got a right to an opinion. But it really is time that being a Troll is made illegal.trolls

It’s a form of bullying and I thought that was already illegal.

Every email should have a name on it.

Bring back the stocks and let everyone throw missiles at them, preferably green paint!

Don’t worry Kerry. If you find out who they are, let us know and we’ll form a gang outside their houses.

Let’s see how THEY like being picked on!trolls2