Poorly White Pigeon from Battle x

Poorly White Pigeon from Battlex

We’re added some more videos to our You Tube Channel this week. The first is of a badger rescue on The Ridge at Hastings. We received a call about 4pm from a gentleman who found a badger at 3am earlier in the day. The badger was struggling to move out of the road. The guy carefully picked up the badger and move it into the hedge at the side of the road and called another rescue charity leaving a message on their answerphone.  We are unsure whether that organisation attended or whether they were unable to find the badger as it was in a hedge.  The guy returning from work in the afternoon found the badger still present and on driving home found WRAS’s phone number and called us out. We were on site within the hour and found the badger at the bottom of a ditch in the hedge.  Rescuer Chris and Kai helped me to secure the badger which was not easy fighting with bushes and a steep sided ditch. The badger was wrapped in a blanket and lifted up and into a cage and moved onto the neighbouring driveway before being assessed.  Under veterinary advice pain relief was given as it was obvious the badger was in discomfort and then drive back to WRAS’s Casualty Centre.   Our vet Chris Hall from Henley House Vets in Uckfield took the badger in for an X-ray and assessment. The x-ray revealed some nasty injuries and fractures and after all our hard work we had no choice but to have the poor creature put to sleep.

The latest video uploaded is of a cygnet at Lewes. From now through the winter this year’s cygnets will start to try flying and start spreading their wings from their parents. Being such big birds they are a little more cumbersome and as they learn how to fly they often crash land or fly into things as they struggle to cope with turbulence and cross winds.   We were called out to a cygnet which was found wandering along the lane and cycle path just south of the Lewes Bay-pass between Cockshut Road and Kingston Road along the edge of the rugby club.  Luckily the finder knew where the cygnet was from and was able to point us in the direction of its parents so we could release the cygnet back onto the drainage dyke nearby for release.  You can find our videos at www.youtube.com/user/eastsussexwras.

You can help us fund these rescues to end the suffering of wildlife by coming along to our Unusual Quiz Night at East Dean on Saturday 24th October. Doors open at 7pm, food served from 7.30pm and the Quiz is expected to start around 8pm. Tickets £10 in advance or £12.50 on the door. Tickets includes a meal which will be Mild Veggie Chilli and rice. Teams can be up to 6 people. There will be a medical theme to this quiz and fancy dress is optional! To book call 01825-873003. These quizzes are great fun and an involve a variety of questions including taste, touch, smell, memory, listening and more.

Badger from Hastings x

Badger from Hastings

Other calls this week have included a poorly white pigeon from Battle, a hedgehog from Manor Park Close Hailsham and Woodcroft Drive Eastbourne, plus an injured bat from Eastbourne Vets and another found by a dog in Seaford. Both bats turned out to be pipistrelle bats, they were both taken to Jenny Clark at the Sussex Bat Hospital at Forest Row. There have also been a number of young doves and pigeons still coming into care. We are also starting to get pigeons coming in with canker – a fungal infection  in the throat.  We have also had a Tawny Owl rescued Saturday night by rescuer Tony after being call out to The Ridge Hastings.  The owl has had a blow to the head, and I met Tony at the Casualty Centre late at night to help give first aid. There doesn’t appear to be any fractures and we hope he will make a full recovery.

Lewes cygnet back with its parents

Lewes cygnet back with its parents

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