RTA swan from Battle

This is the Swan that Tony rescued off the A269 in Battle last week following a call from Sussex Police. The callers waited for rescuers to arrive and once on site Tony was able to secure the Swan. On assessment it was clear that it was in a bad way and the care team met Tony at our Casualty  Centre to give the injured swan emergency first aid. The swan had lost a lot of blood and as they assessed its injuries it started losing more. The team applied pressure and managed to stem the bleeding and get the swan stable and then rushed it up to the  Swan Sanctuary in Shepperton. The Swan was made comfortable and the injured wing was operated on early the following morning.

Amazon Wish List GiftsWith the temperatures being so mild you’d think it was Easter not Christmas! We don’t expect to get young mammals in at this time of year but these two young rabbits have come into care from Burgess Hill, after being found wandering around on a nature reserve. Luckily they are both in good condition but too young to be out and so exposed. They are not with our orphan carer Nicky. Rabbits can breed all year round, but it is still unusual to have them coming into care during the winter.  With buds appearing early and daffodils in bloom this is certainly a weird winter!  This mild weather will not help reduce parasite and fungal infections which are normally killed off by the freezing weather.

Baby Pigeon from HastingsRescuers rushed to the aid of a fox which fell into a yard in Seaford at the weekend. Initially rescuers were unable to find the fox but it was eventually found trapped behind some scaffolding planks. Rescuers managed to secure the fox and rush it to our Casualty Centre where our vet attended to assess the fox which was clearly concussed and had a few scrapes on his body. The fox was given medication by the vet and then bedded down for the night. Sadly the fox passed away the following day.  On a more positive note, I’m pleased to say that the injured fox from Sainsburys at Hampden Park which had broken ribs was released this week. We were so pleased to see him go as we didn’t initially expect him to survive.

Injured fox from SeafordWe have also had a badger road casualty come into care from Waldron. The finder contacted his wife who attended on site and helped block the road to keep the badger safe until WRAS’s ambulance could attend. The badger was lying in the gully at the side of the road when rescuers arrived and a dog grasper and cage were used to secure the badger which was rushed back to WRAS for our vets to assess again.  The badger is thought to be a road casualty and is now being treated and medicated and we are all hoping he will be ok.

You can see video footage of the badger and fox rescues on our You Tube Channel at www.youtube.com/user/eastsussexwras where there are over 300 videos of our work.

We had a young squeaky pigeon come into care from Uckfield this week. The poor creature had a massive abscess on his chest, which we were thankful our vet was able to remove. We also have another much younger pigeon in from Hastings too.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in gifts for our patients over the past few weeks. You can also send our casualties a Xmas gift via our Amazon Wish List by going to http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/35VQCQWZZ8PM1

Young RabbitsWe have drawn our Grand Raffle 2015 last week and the lucky winners are, S. Etherington from Lewes, A Barton from Lewes,  Mrs H Griffin from Burgess Hill, Sue Gregory from Newhaven, Ms Sue Matthews-Wallace from East Dean,  Mrs C Richardson from Bexhill-on-Sea and Julia Knowles from Hastings. Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you to everyone who bought a ticket and donated towards our charity. We will be back with another raffle for 2016 with plenty more chances to win some great prizes!

On behalf of everyone at WRAS I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.