Buzzard collected from Raystede

Buzzard collected from Raystede

A fox has been rescued from Cross Levels Way in Eastbourne over the weekend. It is believed it was hit by a car. A passing motorist saw the fox in the road, realised it was still alive so turned around. With the help from another passing motorist they picked the fox up and placed it in the boot of her car. She then called WRAS and rescuers attended on site within 20 minutes. On arrival it was clear the fox was suffering from a nasty head injury. Thankfully WRAS vet Mike was available and agreed to see it straight away. After giving emergency medication he was bedded down at the centre.

WRAS had another early start last week to a fox that was hit by a car in Seaford. The caller witnessed the incident and managed to contain the fox until rescuers arrived. On arrival rescuers transferred the fox into a secure carrier and rushed it to our on call vet. He was assessed and is believed to be possibly suffering from a fractured spine. Sadly the fox had to be put to sleep due to the spinal fracture.

WRAS rescue co-ordinator Chris has attended a fox in Astaire Avenue, Eastbourne too after reports of a lifeless body by the road. On arrival it had indeed passed away from its injuries.

The Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare contacted WRAS after a very poorly buzzard was delivered to them.  Raystede asked WRAS to take on the casualty as they don’t have suitable facilities or experience caring for such casualties.  The bird is suffering from quite severe canker which has caused problem for him eating and as a result has made him very weak. He is only 500grams at the moment and is now being tube feed to help get his system working and give him the strength. The canker has taken quite a hold and he is in serious condition. Thank you to Caroline at Vale Wildlife Rescue for the advice as well as our vet Mike for their advice and assistance.  Buzzards are being coming more and more common in Sussex and we are looking for a couple of locations in the Hailsham, Lewes, Uckfield, Heathfield area where we could erect a large flight aviary for use with these birds of prey as well as other species which we regular deal with. Ideal we need the help of the land owner for daily feeding of the casualties in the aviary although WRAS will provide regular visits to check on the birds as well as providing the food and with deep cleaning between species. If interested please contact me on 01825-873003.

nside WRAS' s new Hedgehog Ward in Uckfield

nside WRAS’ s new Hedgehog Ward in Uckfield

It has taken a while but our Hedgehog Ward in Uckfield is almost complete now. Our builder Tim has been working extremely hard over the past month purpose building the three banks of hutches which have now been installed. There are a couple of small jobs left but the ward is now ready for its winter influx of hedgehogs. Over two thirds of our hospital is already full of hedgehogs. Many are coming in at just 2-300grams which is less than half the body weight that you would expect for this time of year.

It’s not just young hedgehogs which are coming into care either; Kathy is still dealing with young pigeons. A stunning little feral pigeon came in from the County Council’s Highways Street Lighting Team based in Ringmer.  The little chap has a lovely red-brown colour with yellow fluff still. He is very thin and has a severe Coccidia burden, but very sweet and inquisitive.

Rescuers have also been to Hailsham to rescue a mallard duck found by the side of the road. He has no obvious injuries but is a bit underweight and concussed. He is now in care. They have also been called to an injured goldfinch in Eastbourne. We have had five hedgehogs from both Wivelsfield Green and South Chailey come in this week all from the same gardens and probably all the same families but way too small to survive hibernation.

Our road casualty Tawny Owl was released last week in Westfield, and three juvenile woodies have gone into a release aviary and three young feral pigeons into an indoor aviary, all of whom had been very poorly.

New Young Pigeon from Council Street Lightingh Team

New Young Pigeon from Council Street Lightingh Team

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