Hailsham RTA Badger 28th July (1)

3am Tuesday Morning (28th July 2015) East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) received an emergency call to a road casualty badger in Hailsham.


This female badger had been hit by a car on Battle Road, Hailsham. Duty Rescue Co-ordinator Chris Riddington took the call and rushed to the scene where the caller had very kindly waited.Hailsham RTA Badger 28th July (2)


“These situations are always very frustrating for callers who are worried about the casualty, and especially when in a road. Is it going to get run over again, will it try to run off and hide and then not be found when rescuers arrive.  Callers can’t exactly pick up casualties like badgers and foxes as they can cause serious injury if not handled correctly, in addition to causing the casualty more injuries or death if not picked up in the right way” explained Chris.Hailsham RTA Badger 28th July (3)


Using a dog grasper the badger was contained and after a quick assessment our out of hours vet was called. Vet Mike Symons, met Chris at WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre at Whitesmith where the badger was sedated to allow Mike to carry out a full assessment of the badgers condition.


“The poor badger was suffering from a clear head trauma, no obvious fractures were found. She was in a critical condition at the hospital and given medication and supportive care and closely monitored” said Chris.

Hailsham RTA Badger 28th July (4)

The badger is currently in care and being monitored by WRAS’s care team and is making a gradual improvement but not out of the woods at the moment.


Media Contact: Chris Riddington: 01825-873003


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