Henley 2014 013 (Small) Worthing, West Sussex, UK.  

I actually had a really nice surprise the other day! I went to meet my friend Pat in Worthing. This has usually been an expensive outing, thanks to a certain Car Park Company. But, to my amazement, Worthing Council has taken over the multi-storey seafront parking, and drastically reduced the prices!

Instead of watching the time, and our money ticking away, we were able to spend a very enjoyable day together.

After wandering along the seafront and round the shops, (chatting all the time, of course!) we went to have a meal at Casa Ciro.

Although he looks Italian, Ciro De Silvo has been living in Worthing for 53 years, since 1959. So apart from a faint twang, he speaks perfect English.

He has owned Casa Ciro since 1999.

Martina, the Slovakian waitress, greeted us warmly and gave us a choice of tables.

We could have sat on the upstairs balcony, but we decided to sit indoors.

She brought us some bread sticks and olives while we read the menu.

There is a main menu, and a Lunchtime Specials menu.

For Starters, I had the Soup of the Day, which was Pea and Mint with Panacetta, served with fresh bread.

It was a perfect soupy thickness.

Pat tried it and said it was ‘pea-ee, and the mint wasn’t overpowering.’

She had the mixed salad, and said the tomatoes were juicy and delicious.

We both chose Lunchtime Specials for our main course.

I had the pasta, of course! It was full of chicken pieces, plus the tomato sauce.

Unusual for an Italian restaurant, the sauce was stirred into the pasta.  I prefer it like that as I think the flavours blend together much better.

It was served with garlic bread, which was perfectly garlicky and buttery. A lot of places are stingy with the garlic butter so that it tastes very dry, but Ciro’s chef wasn’t!

Pat had fish (bought locally of course!) and chips with mushy peas. I sampled it and thought the beer-batter was perfection; thin and crispy.

Could we manage a pud? How could we resist, especially as they’re all home-made!

I had a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake. Oh, oh and oh! If I had to choose between men and a perfect cheesecake, I’d be a nun!

Pat had a profiterole with a chocolate sauce. You order how many you want. One was ample. They were huge!

Mike and Chris, who were standing behind the bar, told me that everything is prepped up fresh in the morning by the Chefs Kieran and Dave. Hardly anything is bought in ready-made.

As you know by now, Dear Readers, I often add a Negative to prove that my reviews are genuine.

Pat had frozen chips. They’re usually fresh and chunky, but the restaurant had been so busy that day that they’d run out.

OK. I’ll let them off and give them the benefit of the doubt. Busy is good!

Casa Ciro is very Italian/Mediterranean.

The décor is unpretentious, and the tables aren’t all squeezed together. There’s plenty of room to walk round them without disturbing the other diners.

Upstairs there is another room that can seat up to 55 people, plus the outside balcony.

It has a separate bar and is perfect for weddings and functions. And of course, the views are unique, overlooking the seafront and Worthing Pier.

There are various Theme Nights held in the restaurant. You can see them all on the website.

I asked Ciro why anyone should bother to visit his restaurant, and he replied,

‘We have a good atmosphere, prices that suit all budgets, and warm and friendly staff.’

And he was right!


Prices start at £5.99 for  pasta with garlic bread and a coffee or soft drink.

A selection of steaks are priced at just under £20.

3.00-6.30pm, which used to be their quietest period, is now popular for their Two-Course Menus, for £9.99.


Casa Ciro

Ristorante Italiano & Mediterraneo

30-31 Marine Parade


BN11 3PT.


Email casa_ciro@btconnedt.com

Tel 01903 239090.