bride cocktail

bride cocktail

Well I’m still sat eagerly awaiting the arrival of my wedding photographs and I have to say that I’m not excelling at mastering the art of patience. So, whilst I practice my patience skills I thought I would fill you in on a few more details about my big day and indeed how it came about.

I first met Rob when I hired a van from him around five years ago and whilst I noted his mischievous hazel eyes and charismatic smile I was then a married woman with a couple of children, so I just thought to myself he has a very lucky wife. Over the years he repaired my cars, hired me vans and somehow always made me feel slightly uneasy and flustered, meaning I avoided the garage if at all possible.

Years on with a marriage behind me and full intentions of living my life as an eccentric collector of stray cats; I had a minor car accident that left me shaken and my car dishevelled. The universe has a funny way of weaving our paths, because after the accident it was unexpectedly Rob who provided me with my courtesy car and now that reliable mechanic who used to tell me ‘’everything will be fine’’ when my car developed noises, clunks and failures is my husband and it is wonderful to have a supportive, practical and loving man who is undoubtedly my best friend.

So after a very short and whirlwind romance the day of my wedding arrived. With a rather untraditional wedding cake and some worries about fitting in the dress a flutter of nerves washed over me. Pre-wedding jitters are considered perfectly normal and so is the desire to indulge a little, so when one of the Scottish Borders leading bartenders, Mark Barrett made the offer of inventing a cocktail for me I was grateful.

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I enjoyed a morning ceremony and whilst that gave me all day to enjoy glancing at my wedding ring, it also meant a flurry of activity from around 7:00am as florists, hairdressers, make-up artists and photographers all bounded in and bustled about and quite frankly just the thought of it made me fancy a cocktail and the reality flagged up a cocktail SOS.


Donned in a tweed suit and with a glint in his eye, Mark began to shake and pour an array of cocktail ingredients from his lair of intoxication also known as the hotel bar. Within moments he announced; ‘’So for tye brides drink we have a re-take on the classic Bellini called No More Nerves’’. Simple to make and delicious to drink this is definitely the cocktail that all brides should enjoy on the morning of their wedding and as I luxuriated with this cocktail I felt the stress and strains of bridal bouquets and wedding vows slip gently away.

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To Make No More Nerves Bellini




Slice of fresh peach

10 mls raspberry liqueur

10ml sweet pudding wine


Twisted peel of lemon.



Place a slice of fresh peach in the bottom of a glass, top with the raspberry liqueur, pudding wine and top with champagne, garnish with a twist of lemon peel. Heaven in a glass!



As I enjoyed a care-free ten minutes with my cocktail, the Cocktail Master Extraordinaire was back behind the bar and concocting another drink; this time for the groom. ‘’I can’t leave the groom out’’, he grinned ‘’the grooms is called get him to the alter’’. No matter what the cocktail tasted like I just loved the name and thankfully the groom loved the drink; plus I’m now a happily married woman, so the cocktail evidently had the desired effect.


Get Him to the Alter




15ml energy drink any (red bull or similar)

60ml lemon sparkling water

10 mint leaves chopped

1/4 of a chilli chopped

25ml dark rum

Crushed ice



Place the mint and chilli in a glass with crushed ice then add the water and energy juice. Stir carefully and pour the rum on top to float it. Serve immediately to any jittery grooms.


With my nerves soothed and my groom standing ready, I had to send a huge thank you to Mark and his marvellous mixing magic and to the bar in Cringletie Hotel whose latest cocktails can be viewed at