What happened that morning was astonishing. And the mystery
still remains.

It was the early 1970s. A zoologist  had been studying bats
during the night.  And he was now on his way home, carrying
his equipment with him.

He happened to pass a group of ancient standing stones,
just as the morning sun was beginning to strike the stones.

To his utter surprise, the instruments started reacting.
They were picking up  a strong, regular and rapid pulse.

The zoologist told the story to an acquaintance whom he knew
to be an investigator or earth mysteries. In turn, this man
told someone at the institute of Archaeology at Oxford.


As it turned out, at that time, a group of scientists and
engineers was actively investigating megalithic sites across
the British Isles.

A research chemist named Don Robins, who was a member of
that group got interested. In late October, 1978, he
decided to run some tests himself.

Just before dawn, Robins picked up the group’s own
broad-spectrum ultrasonic detector and took it to the
Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire.

To his delight, just as the sun rose, his equipment picked
up a regular rapid pulse around  an isolated tall, upright
standing stone (known as the king-stone) some distance from
the circle proper.

Well, did this motivate the other project team members!

“Let’s scan other megalithic sites across the country,” they

And they got busy. In fact, they kept doing this for four


They discovered that they were able to successfully
broadcast ultra-sonics.

As time went on, they managed to acquire equipment that
was capable of excluding radio interference and stray
signals from local energy sources, including geological

The readings at the various old stone circles they now
compared with readings taken at modern structures like
streets and bridges, or areas of natural woodland.

They discovered that these modern structures showed no more
than the expected random background noise. None of these
showed anything remotely like the pulse effect of the
ancient stone circles at the hour of dawn.


They scratched their heads over this. Could it be that the
ancient sites had actually been created specifically to
generate the ultrasound? That is, was the pulse deliberately

As the work continued, the evidence more and more came to
support this tentative conclusion.

Some of the findings were very surprising indeed.

For one thing, the pulse was quite independent of weather
conditions. It could be measured at dawn on any day, rain
or shine.

Not only that, but the pulse transformed into an actual
howling sound, which lasted for several hours on the mornings
of the spring and autumn equinoxes.


These effects were odd enough. But much weirder things were
to follow.

In one of their experiments, Robins and his team moved into
a circle with their detectors and found no ultrasound at all.

They knew that this “no sound” result was an impossible
reading, because open countryside always has a standard
background of ultrasound. This is constantly generated
(non-stop) by such things as the movement of grass, the
rustle of leaves and even the movements of the team
members themselves.

“Our equipment has surely malfunctioned,” said one of the
team, to which the other members all agreed.

Reasonable as that conclusion seemed, tests quickly showed
that there was nothing wrong with the equipment. It was
working perfectly.

So what did this “no ultra-sound” mean?


Somehow, the great stone circle was generating an ultrasonic
screen which left its interior totally silent.

Absolutely baffled by this, as well as intrigued, the team
extended the scope of their measurements to include

You see, any place in the country will produce a level of
background radiation which is detectable by a Geiger counter.
And the stone circles were no different.

However, the stone circles were different in this respect –
that they somehow generated ‘hot spots’ where the radiation
was far higher than normal background radiation.

Yet when the Geiger counter was moved to the centre of the
circle, the very reverse was found. ‘Cold spots’ were
detected by the scientists, where the radiation dropped below
normal background levels.

Now engineer Charles Brooker extended the measurements still

Back at the Rollrights circle he used a portable magnetometer.
And what did this show? A seven-ring spiral of diminishing
magnetic intensity. The circle was screening out
electro-magnetic radiation.


These findings have not been widely publicised. However, they
do suggest a sophisticated knowledge of ultrasound as well as
a knowledge of various types of radiation in ancient times.

It does appear that at least some of Britain’s ancient stone
circles were constructed as radiation shelters – although for
what purpose it is difficult to imagine.


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