This review is simple – I love all Jaguars. The reason for this is because I was brought up on them. My dad owned several XJ models over many years along with the odd Daimler Sovereign or two. Maybe I am on my own here – but the Daimler always seemed to be that little bit better than the Jaguar and for reasons I can’t really explain either – it just was.

My Dad was one of those people and was convinced of this that his Daimler was the best car on the road due to the fact that it was the ‘Double Six’ model, which meant whenever we went any further than fifty miles away from our home, we were guaranteed to have to take a detour to the nearest fuel station to refuel. That’s another thing, I am sure my dad just liked going to refuel, just so he could tell the pretty ladies at the kiosk, that his Daimler had two fuel tanks that he needed to fill.

I suppose in a way, the Daimler was a sort of babe magnet back then in the 80s, although my mother would never have approved of that sort of behaviour of course.

There are many names that come to mind when we are talking about some of the best classic cars; Aston Martin, Bristol, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ferrari to name but a few – but there are some real bargains out there right now, waiting to be snipped up for very little money. My advice is that if you are over forty like me, you can’t beat an old MG to help get the ladies hearts racing, although you will spend much of your time in it broken down, because it was built in such a poor way that it was meant to break down. This in turn will mean you will spend most of your weekend fixing it.

So, what’s the new XE like then? Basically it’s a very good car and Jaguar has made a terrific job of pricing it in a band that even normal people like me can afford.

80063jagOn the road:

The steering is accurate in whatever situation unfolds itself on the road. The chassis is not as good as I would like, but then this is a car that wants to impress in other areas so I can forgive it for that. Grip levels are also good and the XE is a very engaging drive indeed. You have to remember that this car is not a raw seat of your pants car. Yes, you can buy a hot version, but why would you? The XE for me was built as car that most people could afford without taking out a second mortgage. In recent times I have seen some Peugeot’s costing more than an XE and that is just plain madness.

Inside and out:

The designers have added in some nice detailing lines and the appearance is sleek but also bold and you can see some of the Jaguar blood lines. The XE is also equipped with modern and lightweight materials inside and the layout is very good. There are also some very good ideas inside and it is these ideas that make the XE stand out in a crowd.

Again – The XE’s cabin layout is just like all Jaguars’ – perfect!!! Jaguar has always focused on the driver and what they have done on the inside of the XE is a very nice design indeed. Inside the cabin you will also find some decent equipment and interior touches like a DAB digital radio, chrome side power vents, chrome side window surrounds and an 8” capacitive touch screen are just some of the toys you get inside.



The XE I had on test was fitted with the brilliant 2.0 litre i4 Turbocharged Diesel engine that was equipped with Intelligent Stop/Start system to enhance fuel economy – The 163ps version produces 380Nm of torque and can accelerate from zero-to-60 mph in 7.7 seconds (0-100km/h in 8.2 seconds). Top Speed is also maxed out at 132mph. I am not going to talk much about MPG, but I did manage 50mpg (urban)

To sum up:

The XE has been built for quality and at a price that everyone can afford. You could go out and buy a three series BMW or a basic Mercedes! But why would you – when you have a car that does all the things you will ever need it to do.


Price as tested: (INC. OPTIONS): £35,825

Top speed: 132mph

0-60mph: 7.7sec

Engine: 2.0 Diesel

Power: 163ps

Torque: 380Nm

Gearbox: 8-speed automatic

Combined – mpg (68.9)

Carbon dioxide emissions – g/km (106)