Once you get the travelling bug, you’ll no doubt want to visit every country and continent and keep adding to your experiences. If you are surfing between ideas of where to go next, you should definitely consider a visit to Johannesburg, South Africa. Think about it; South Africa is full of travel destination gems. You can switch between the cities and National Parks,  and include plans to visit Johannesburg in your travel list. You can easily buy tickets from Cape Town to Johannesburg and other internal routes to help you get about in the quickest amount of time.

5 Reasons you should visit Johannesburg:

  • Nelson Mandela’s house is in Johannesburg

Visit Mandela’s town, which was once a small township, but there are now almost a million residents. You can see how the pain and tragedies of South Africa have shaped this once little town into the city you see now. Local travel agencies organise tours for foreigners and solo travellers. The tours include visiting the town, Mandela’s house and his museum.

  • Johannesburg is the home of South African graffiti

Street art goes to the highest level in South Africa. Every city in SA is beautiful, but Johannesburg stands out with its exceptional street art. Local people are used to seeing gorgeous murals, but a lot of tourists visit different neighbourhoods to see such famous graffiti murals like “Una Salus Victis Nullam Sperare Salutem” by Faith 47, “Family Time” by Falko 1, “Jozy” by Kazy Usclef, and many more.

  • Wild adventure is just around the corner

Johannesburg is a modern city with great architecture and universities, but wild adventures in South Africa aren’t too far away. Pilanesberg National Park is just a couple hours’ drive away from Johannesburg. The park offers guides and vehicles, as well as walking excursions. You will be able to see lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, giraffes and different types of birds.

  • The vibe and people are amazing

One of the best things about visiting a new country is meeting people and getting to know the environment. The vibe when you visit Johannesburg is fabulous. Everyone is cool, and street animals are warm and love attention. If you want to buy something original, unique and handmade, the streets are full of designer brands and small shops selling clothes, accessories and keepsakes.

People have a welcoming attitude and colourful stories. This city attracts other people with its people. One of the biggest reasons tourists return to Johannesburg is the people.

  • South African Food is Amazing

Trying different food at new places is always interesting. Trying different food from other countries is really interesting. South Africa offers a variety of dishes and when you visit Johannesburg you’ll find it’s definitely a golden city in this case. Besides coffee shops and steak houses that are common in every city, Johannesburg offers food markets and restaurants that serve local dishes such as chakalaka and pap, brai and bunny chow.

Your South African adventure is just one click away when you book your flight!