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Travelling Round Tenerife. The Truth, Warts & all! Part 2. Wednesday.

Extra note, added this morning. 

I’ve just heard on the news that quarantine is being enforced again on anyone returning to the UK from Spain, including the Canary Islands.

But I expect this to be removed very soon.

Remember, although the Canaries are Spanish, they’re about as far away from Spain as the UK is. Our flight there from the mainland took 2 hours 40 minutes. They’re completely clear of Coronavirus, and open for Tourism again.

La Viceria

Breakfast in the hotel and I got told off at the door for not wearing my mask over my nose. But once I’d helped myself to the food, coffee and fresh orange juice, I could remove my mask while I was eating. It doesn’t make sense to me.

There was a large group of us, all flying to different islands, so we had half a day In Gran Canaria, which was interesting.

The flight took 2 hours 40 minutes. We found it funny when the cabin crew announced that in the case of fire, the oxygen masks would drop down and do remove your face masks before using them!

Jamile, our guide, welcomed us and took us to a restaurant about 15 minutes from the airport, in a small town called Ingenio.

The town grew sugar cane in the 16th century. Ingenio was the crushing machine, used by ingenieros; engineers.

Christopher Columbus visited the island three times and took away sugar cane plants to America.


The restaurant, La Viceria, the Vicarage, is opposite the large church. It’s popular with the locals, but it’s not known to tourists. They don’ t know what they’re missing. It deserves a Michelin star.

We started with Cheese wrapped in Serrano ham, with roasted honey covered walnuts, served on Panini-like bread.

Very nice, but it didn’t need the bread.


The main course was Iberico sirloin of pork, with a sauce of Red Rioja and plums, served with fresh vegetables and potatoes.

Delicious. The meat melted in the mouth.

Mango ice-cream

Finally we had Mango ice cream in a yoghurt soup.

Very refreshing to end the meal.

Gran Canaria wine

We had local white wine to drink. It had a lovely volcanic tang. And so did the sparkling water. La Caldera is a volcanic crater.

La Vicaria is run by brothers Franco, the friendly waiter, and Massimo, the chef, helped by Massimo’s wife, Sheila.

Massimo, Sheila & Franco

It’s been open for six years.

We left to catch our plane to Tenerife.

When we arrived at the H10 Costa Adeje Hotel, we were greeted with a glass of Cava.

I have to admit that I think Spanish Cava is as good as, if not better than some Champagnes.

In the evening we had an excellent dinner. But they’d decided that menus couldn’t be put on the table because of germs so we had a little app.

I said I really didn’t like people using their phone all the time when we were chatting, so a waiter could tell me what the food was.

Afterwards, I went to my room but I couldn’t find it anywhere! Then I was told that the hotel is two buildings and I was in the other building!

Conclusion Great hospitality, but you’re made aware of the virus everywhere you go.

Everything’s stripped right down. There are no salt & peppers on tables. You have to ask and they give you small paper packets.

There are no brochures available, and no free shampoos, shower caps, etc in the bathroom. They have the dispensers fitted to the tiles.

Read Part 1. https://b-c-ing-u.com/comments/travelling-round-tenerife-the-truth-warts-all/

For more information please visit www.hellocanaryislands.com or contact your local travel agent.

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