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Mumbai Memoir 144- Joining the dots backwards… after 15 years!


Joining the dots backwards…….Job Satisfaction of serving Mental Health sector for 15 years.


April 1st is usually remembered as ‘April Fool’s day’. But personally it’s a significant day regarding my professional & personal growth. It is on this day in 2006, I went against the flow and established my organization ‘Mind Matterz’ (A Psychological Guidance Unit) www.mindmatterz.net Indeed I may have sounded ‘foolish’ then to quit a stable semi-governement job & start my entreprenurial venture with values set in ‘conscious capitalism’. Co-incidently my solo journey started on the ‘April Fool’s Day’, and as the years passed by more like minded people joined in the mission to promote the science of Psychology along with me, in various manners. As we completed 15 years this year, a Crystal Anniversary celebration was successfully executed. Firstly we released an audio-visual presentation that showcased our initiatives towards mental health well-being over the 15 years. Here is the link of the AV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm_-_aXoij4


Joining the dots backwards…….Job Satisfaction of serving Mental Health sector for 15 years.


Other highlight feature of our Crystal Anniversary celebration was the release of a survey result. A week earlier to 1stApril 2021 we had conducted a 1 question survey. We were curious to know which psychological quality one associates with or would like to promote. We had short-listed 6 qualities namely 1) Hope 2) Empathy 3) Kindness 4) Care 5) Trust 6) Courage from which one quality had to be chosen by the respondent. We received 163 responses in total till noon of 1st April. 85 female responses & 77 male responses. The trend seen was that Kindness & Empathy were top ranked qualities followed by Hope, Trust, Courage & Care!


As we were receiving the survey data, a long conceived idea started developing in my mind. There is still a social stigma associated to seeking mental health solutions, especially in the Indian sub-continent.  I always believed that Psychology should be discussed & promoted beyond the walls of classrooms and counseling chambers. And I also believe that various forms of art could be wonderful tools to convert any science into a ‘Fine Art’! Thus with my background in Psychology, Literature, History & Visual arts, I decided to launch Designer T-shrits, that would generate a positive vibe in the minds of people who wear them & also in the minds of people who watch the tshirt design on others. The science of Nueroesthetics has been applied in making these designer tshirts, thus creating scope for mindfulness to be ‘worn’ & ‘felt’ by the person who adorns the tshirt. Its like wrapping your body with the values of Hope, Kindness, Empathy, Trust, Courage & Care, which have been artistically printed with a symbolic icon. The symbolism of every t-shirt  is explained below:


Eagle symbolizes inspiration to push you to reach higher & become more than you think you are capable of. It also inspires you to venture into unknown territories by overcoming your fears & thereby becoming courageous.


The eight-pointed star is a Native American symbol of hope and guidance. It represents balance & protection. The symbol is also known as Star Knowledge & intends to provide hope for the future.


A fallen branch with 3 leaves symbolizes down to earth nature and compassion towards others. Kindness only is possible when one looks beyond the self and intends goodness for others.


The Empathy Symbol stands for two ‘sides’ reaching out to each other & opening up to understand the other’s experiences & feelings. Without Empathy ‘humanity’ cannot exist.


Care is the unseen force that leads to love & the heart is symbolic of nurturing that love. Through ‘Unconditional Care’ one can experience the highest forms of ‘Love’!


In the ancient pagan culture the intertwined cauldron design was symbolic of Trust. Magic portions were made in the cauldrons. For any relationship to work ‘Trust’ is the fundamental ingredient which creates the ‘magic’ of long-lasting relationships.

The t-shirt merchandise project is based on a basic fundamental. It is a known fact that what you believe, will manifest in the physical world. How does that happen? The brain searches what you believe! Thus through our tshirts, we wish to encourage all to ‘wear one’s positive beliefs’ and thereby charge the self with an affirmative mindset. In these adverse times that the pandemic has brought along, we majorly need to develop a positive culture which will help us sail through this tough times.  Through our products, we at Mind Matterz (A Psychological Guidance Unit), Mumbai, India, www.mindmatterz.net wish to promote the science of Positive Psychology & intend to make a positive difference to the mindset of the consumers of our products. It is our way to contribute to the building of a positive mindset culture. As committed 10% of our income is annually donated to social causes. Anyone wanting to order the t-shirt please email at hello@mindmatterz.net or visit www.mindcart.in Besides the basic MRP cost of the tshirt, courier charges will be charged as per customer’s location in the world.

As we successfully celebrated our Crystal anniversary, I was wondering how did the past 15 years passed by and when we started did we knew if we could reach this far? At this point, I remembered Steve Job’s quote:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”- Steve Jobs.


Wishing you all a life that will keep you healthy, both at your body & your mind- Amen!


NOTE: Special Thanks to all Mind Matterz Associates for their support.


Photo Courtesy: Shraddha C Sankulkar