Creative Writing has always been a passion for Shraddha. Born and brought up in the ‘Maximum City’ of Mumbai, India, she writes in English, Hindi (National language of India) and Marathi (Shraddha’s mother tongue and State language of Maharashtra, in which she resides). She writes poems, lyrics, fiction, non-fiction & film scripts. A consulting Psychologist and a State/National level certified lecturer of Psychology by profession, since more than a decade, Shraddha has been presenting her literary skills to the world by blending language with emotions. She writes content for her own website which is the web portal of her Psychological consultancy- Mind Matterz (A Psychological Guidance Unit).

Her blog guides the masses on topics that deal with Mind Management. Besides possessing a Masters in Psychology, she has earned yet another Masters degree in History from University of Mumbai. Since 2013 she has been a Full Time Overseas member of the Society of Women Writers and Journalist (SWWJ), which is one of the oldest writing societies of the United Kingdom. Travelling & photography are two hobbies that Shraddha is fond of and wishes to use language as a tool to heal, educate and entertain the world with the power of her linguistic skills.

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