Olga Anderson

Olga grew up in Russia, where her love of fashion and design stemmed from observing her mother create on-of-a-kind, beautiful, handcrafted garments for the whole family and clients. Her strong sense of creativity and appreciation for design stayed with her throughout her life and eventually inspired her to establish her very own fashion brand.

In her early career, Olga dedicated herself to her business in the corporate world, which allowed her to travel extensively thus exploring the world. However, the analytical settings of the corporate world left her feeling unable to truly exhibit her individuality and self-expression, of which she discovered in fashion. So, Olga left the restrictions of her profession to pursue her lifelong love of design, with a vision to inspire confidence through fashion for women in the workplace.

Olga followed in her mother’s footsteps, though on a wider scale, and has transformed her own natural flair for design into a well-established fashion business. The self-titled company ‘Olga Anderson’ takes inspiration from history, culture, and contemporary art to create luxurious pieces that stand out from the over-saturated fashion world. Unlike the vast majority of retailers who constantly adhere to ever-changing trends, Olga instead takes a more sustainable approach to fashion and believes that the wardrobe is a powerful investment: the primary goal of the designs it to heighten the wearer’s sense of confidence while the mission of the brand is to empower women through celebrating individuality and femininity.

Apart from ready-to-wear collections, ‘Olga Anderson’ also offers a bespoke service with attentive stylists and expert consultations to ensure every client has a personalised shopping experience, catered to their specific needs and wants to accommodate their lifestyle and taste.

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