Karl Beeney

Karl studied as a chef back in the early nineties but it did not take him long before he was juggling a career in hotels and restaurants with long overland journeys in between. Swapping the pressures and familiarity of London for places just as challenging but just as rewarding. An experience he describes ‘As the best education without a teacher or a classroom. The world is your canvas and everyone is your guide. From a Mongolian monk to a Zambian shoe seller.

How your knowledge of history, geography, religion, culture, customs and language is greatly improved by interaction. Those experiences done through a subconscious mind and compounded into something quite extraordinary and magical. It is simply the best addiction one can have.

When travel gets into your blood you get itchy feet, though only figuratively, thankfully. I have never forgotten the quote made by the French philosopher and later, gross paranoid Jean Jacques Rousseau. ‘The more I have seen of the world, the less I have been able to conform to its manner.’

Having traveled through Australasia, much of Asia including the Stan’s, Caucasus and parts of The Middle East and three long routes across Africa, Karl will return to Ghana on an odyssey that will take him overland to South Africa. Making it up as he goes along so anything can happen..

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