Chris Ackrill

Following an undistinguished school career and a string of dead-end jobs, Chris took the infamous Knowledge of London training to become a taxi driver. Since 1985, he has experienced the London cab trade from all angles: as trainee on the Knowledge of London, as driver, and eventually as a Knowledge Examiner himself.

Chris is the undisputed master of the U-Turn. Following another radical change of direction in the 1990s, he started his schooling all over again aged thirty, and settled happily into the world of academia – somehow finding himself on the Bradford University Challenge team.
He resisted the urge to stay at university for ever, and full of misplaced idealism decided to look for a proper job. After eleven years in the wilderness “doing other things” and becoming increasingly disillusioned, Chris became one of the few to complete the Knowledge twice. He returned to the cab trade in 2010.

He escaped London many years ago in order to seek the rural idyll of county fairs and scarecrow festivals. His dream is to retire to small town Yorkshire. He currently lives happily with his wife and pets in Bedfordshire, in the Soft South, where the weather’s better.

Chris writes humorous magazine articles, and the occasional letter to Viz comic (under the name Mr Buzzard, Bedfordshire). In 2018 he published a book about his experiences in the London taxi trade. From Manor House to Station to Gibson Square – and back again is available from

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