Unlike some other newspapers & magazines that expect you to write in their style, we want individuality. But please study the magazine before sending us your submissions!

laptop-medYou’d be surprised how many ‘professional’ writers email me, saying ‘Your magazine sounds great! I’d love to write for it.’

Or – ‘How much are you going to pay me?’

No it doesn’t sound great. It’s not an audio-magazine! And they obviously haven’t bothered to even look at B-C-ing-U!

Sorry, but there’s no payment although we will pay commission for any advertising. We have a bank of high-quality writers whose work we can rely on and use regularly. And we need photos to accompany your articles. The magazine is very colourful.

In return, as a chosen Contributor, you will be able to use our name for Commisions, etc. And we guarantee to honour promises and not let you down, which makes you in turn reliable.

At the bottom of your article, you need a Bio, with a photo of you, and a link to your website, email address, etc.

This will increase your readers. And we have many followers on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

It would be good if you have loads of Contacts who you can tell about us, & help us all to grow together.

We are on an upward curve. Would you like to join us?

Email us if you have any questions.