The move is over and the settling in process has begun. My four children are all delighted by the fact that there is a nice park opposite our cottage and not only is there a park, but ducks. I meanwhile am rather delighted to see the girls out playing and being children with a love of outdoors and active imaginations.

The youngest member of our crew, Beatrice has now turned one and is rather chuffed with the fact that she can walk. Yes, the baby is no longer immobile she is growing up fast and determined to catch up with her sisters.

There truly is no rest for the wicked as no sooner have I begun to unpack boxes, than I need to set aside thoughts of nesting and start thinking about writing. My three book deals need to be completed and the clock is well and truly ticking. So, its research, research and writing into the wee hours for me. I’ve also had a few interesting commissions lately one of them to write a piece on the diet of classical composer Handel and 17th Century food in Britain and Germany. I’m rather enjoying writing this, its something a little different.

iStockI’m rather delighted to be getting back into my food writing and it is lovely to see all my old cookery books lined up on my bookshelves again. In the next few weeks I hope to begin filming some short foodie vlogs,  it’s long overdue, but I am going to embrace social media. I’ve had a blog for years, but lately I’ve been too busy to post anything, I’ve started up again and I’m feeling rather inspired to embrace the world of video blogging.

Life is hectic, chaotic and incredibly busy, but I am finding a little more work and life balance since my move. I’m also delighted to be getting back to the type of work I love: food and its history.

Well, I hear classic cars and shows calling, so I am off to get my minibus packed up with enough nappies, snacks, baby supplies and children’s activity packs to occupy my little tribe and we’ll be hitting the car shows, auto jumbles and enjoying all the classics on display.

So until next week a fond farewell from beautiful Mid Wales