Tending to a Mulberry tree in the Welsh countryside

Tending to a Mulberry tree in the Welsh countryside

The past few months have seen many changes and with just 25 days to go until my wedding I have been more reflective than nervous this time around. I’ve not been able to stop myself looking back at events past and also of course cherishing the moment and looking forward to my future as a newly wed and of course to the birth of our first child together in October.


I am really looking forward to the wedding day and whilst the original plan was for the large wedding with friends and relatives from the various corners of the country gathered to witness the day; we decided to follow the modern trend of a wedding for two, or in our case a wedding for two plus two little bridesmaids. A new trend for smaller weddings has emerged over the past few years and I think this is down to both economics and also the fact that in the midst of planning a huge wedding with all the trimmings it is easy to lose sight of what the day is all about and to actually end up as a worn out event organiser rather than a bride that is relishing her big day.


For my beloved husband to be and I we really just wanted to spend some time together and enjoy the day that we take our vows. So we are having a somewhat unusual wedding day that focuses upon us and the girls that incorporates all the things we love. There will be walking with Alpacas, an owl delivering the wedding rings, a champagne afternoon tea, fireworks, a highland dance class for the girls and a romantic seven course evening meal for Robert and I; whilst the girls snuggle up in the hotel with a film and childminder. By just concentrating on our family unit, we are able to devote the day to each other and enjoy the day without any family politics or the stress of a meringue of a wedding. There are of course plans to have a party after the wedding so that all our friends and family can be a part of celebrating our union.


So with a house move complete and many projects underway, I am also busy with morning sickness and wedding plans. There are also many visits in my local area planned as the weather begins to warm up; so you’ll be hearing about wedding plans, baby diaries and the wonderful Welsh countryside that I live in. Let’s hope that the warm weather in Wales continues and I can retreat to the garden with my laptop to attend to the joys of writing, but until next time I wish you a fond farewell from Wales.