The month of July- August is always a rain drenched ambiance here in Mumbai. The cloudy weather may not pump in the adrenaline for many but for me it triggers the best of my creativity. May be because, I was born during monsoon month, the rains have sub-consciously been symbolic of ‘life’ to me, thus refreshing every cell within me!
In a soaked urban environment it’s a unique experience to visit Mumbai’s oldest aquarium located at Marine Drive in South Mumbai. The Taraporevala Aquarium was built in 1951 & was inaugurated by India’s first President, Dr. Rajendra Prasad. It is named after a Parsee Philanthropist, D. B. Taraporewala, who donated Rs.2,00000 for constructing the aquarium. The aquarium was shut down in 2012 for renovation purpose & was restarted in March 2015. The ticket cost per adult is Rs. 60/- & that for a child under the age of 12 is Rs. 30. An additional cost (Rs. 500/-) is levied on clicking photographs. The main entrance of the aquarium is in the form of an over-head water tank, which gives us a feeling of passing through a short glass tunnel. As one enters the first hall, the blue LED light ambiance literally transports the visitors into the artificial aquatic world that has been displayed in the tanks around. The sea water & fresh water fishes have been exhibited in different halls. Both adults & kids gets lost in the graceful swim of the sea turtles, angel fish, alligator fish, piranhas, the tiger fishes & many more species of aquatic life.
Compared to the Singapore aquarium & the ones in U.K & U.S, Mumbai’s Taraporewala aquarium still has to evolve in its infrastructure & management. But given the subsidised entry fee to the aquarium the facility is the best one can get for the Mumbai’kars and the visitors to enter the world of aquatic life.

Photo credits/edit: Shraddha. C. Sankulkar

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