MalDia Arrival of the BLM Movement

Arrival of the BLM Movement



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MalDia Phoenician remains

Phoenician remains

I normally refrain from presenting political situations on this site which is after all dedicated to Travel and Leisure.  However, there are sometimes issues that cannot be ignored because they impact daily life and development. One of these is the resurgence of international Mob Rule – or as Margaret Thatcher aptly described them, “the great unwashed”, in an attempt to take over the streets with outrageous demands.


Where does Malta come into this you may well ask? Amazingly enough a wave of unrest that burst out in the United States trickled into Europe and worldwide and was highly experienced in places like London in England and other areas.

MalDia The Roman Villa

The Roman Villa

The unrest was based on a Black Lives Matter movement and then spilled onto colonial issues in general with the demolishment of statues and monuments that symbolised colonialism. I simply cannot relate the link between the two. My interpretation is that the rate of world idiocy is rapidly increasing and there are now many numbskulls giving vent to their general frustrations and a lust for somehow making an impact.


Let me take the first – Black Lives Matter. Well of course they do; all lives matter whether black, blue, purple, yellow or white; irrespective of race, nationality, beliefs religious or otherwise.

MalDia The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths

Astonishingly enough in parallel with the London unrest a Black Lives Matter group suddenly emerged in Malta and based its excuse that some two years ago a black immigrant was murdered in Malta for which two persons are under arrest and undergoing trial. Yes, as with elsewhere, murders also take place in Malta, murders of persons of all nationalities and skin colouring – including Maltese murdering Maltese!


These held a demonstration march in Valletta’s main street and naturally attracted a counter mob that vehemently protested against further immigrant penetration in the Maltese Islands. Separated by a Police cordon these faced each other and traded insults.

MalDia Roman mosaic tiles

Roman mosaic tiles

Now, if there is a country where Black Lives Matter, it’s the Maltese Islands that have taken in over 15,000 mainly black irregular immigrants over ten years after rescuing them at sea – often at great peril – and providing them with living conditions at taxpayer expense – WITHOUT one iota of help from the European Union.


If anything, the country deserves a medal for ensuring that black lives matter.

MalDia Count Roger of Normandy in Malta decreed Maltas flag

Count Roger of Normandy in Malta decreed Maltas flag

Speaking of medals, this in turn resurrected another bunch of idiots who for years have been vainly pressing for the George Cross to be removed from the Maltese flag as this is “a mere token of colonialism”.


The George Cross was presented to the people of Malta and Gozo in 1942 by King George VI, at the height of World War II, in recognition of their bravery and courage in resisting the Nazis and the Fascists continual aerial and sea attacks on the Islands.

MalDia An aerial view of Valletta city built by the Knights of St John

An aerial view of Valletta city built by the Knights of St John

In their contention therefore, to be internationally recognised for bravery and courage is demeaning and colonial!


To further extend this idiocy a cry went up from the same quarter that all colonial statues and monuments should be removed with particular spotlight on the removal of a splendid statue of Queen Victoria from one of Valletta’s main squares.

MalDia Magnificent Grand Harbour bastions

Magnificent Grand Harbour bastions

Then newly Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth lived in Malta for some time as the Prince was in the Royal Navy and stationed in Malta. Recently, Queen Elizabeth was asked which is her favourite country outside the UK, and without hesitation she promptly replied, “Malta”.


A sign of love and respect, or imposed colonialism? Shall we tear down Villa G’Mangia where they happily resided?

MalDia One of the magnificent palaces built by the Knights now the Prime Ministers Office

One of the magnificent palaces built by the Knights now the Prime Ministers Office

At this point, we have reached the absolute bottomless pit of stupid idiocy.


Malta underwent colonial status for well over 2,000 years. By the same rule of thumb, should we remove all colonial symbols? Right, so let’s start:

MalDia Napoleon Bonaparte in Malta

 Napoleon Bonaparte in Malta

  • Eliminate all presence of the Phoenicians in Malta;


  • Eliminate all Roman remains, including the Roman Villa and the Roman Baths; equally deny the shipwreck of St Paul in Malta as he was after all a Roman citizen and therefore one of the colonisers;
MalDia Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth lived in Malta history or colonialism

Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth lived in Malta history or colonialism

  • Eliminate the red and white Maltese flag as this was decreed by Count Roger of Normandy; on his arrival as Malta had no national flag, he tore off a corner of his own flag, the red/white corner, and decreed that henceforth this was the Maltese flag;


  • Eliminate the 350 year presence of the Knights of St John, that is dismantle and destroy the capital city of Valletta as they built it, destroy all the bastions that surround the Grand Harbour and destroy all the palaces and magnificent buildings they built;
MalDia Statue of Queen Victoria in Valletta

Statue of Queen Victoria in Valletta

  • Eliminate the presence of the French and British in Malta spanning virtually 200 years.


This will give us a pure and non-colonial Malta to show we can stand on our own feet! Of course, having eliminated all these we are left with the bare rocks of the Maltese Islands….and the Stone Age Temples which apparently were pre-colonial!

MalDia Protesting against more immigrant arrivals

Protesting against more immigrant arrivals

It reminds me of the once-popular comedy-drama series, “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em”.



MalDia Should the George Cross be removed from Maltas flag

Should the George Cross be removed from Maltas flag

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