handAre you superstitious?

I like to think that I’m not, but sometimes I just instinctively take precautions. I’m inclined to believe that everything has a meaning or a reason.

Yesterday I had an itching on the palm of my hand. I knew that I hadn’t been doing any gardening, so I couldn’t think of a reason for it.

Then I remembered the old saying; an itchy palm is a sign that money’s coming your way!

How stupid I thought, gazing towards the letterbox.

But…. It’s the beginning of the month and the week, and the postman hadn’t been yet.

So what could it possibly be? A Premium Bonds win perhaps?

Of course I didn’t dash for the letterbox when the postman arrived. After all, I’m not superstitious, am I? But there amongst all the leaflets that we get delivered now was an LWE!

Those of you who dabble at competitions will know that an LWE is a Long White Envelope, and it often contains Good News.

I tore it open – slowly of course; after all, I’m not superstitious, am I?

And do you know what was in it? A cheque for £11.52, a refund from an Insurance Company for an overpayment!

Make of that what you want, Dear Readers!

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