The charred remains of Eastbourne's pier

The charred remains of Eastbourne’s pier

By Queen-B Lyn

Eastbourne Pier is a sad sight. I went to see it on Thursday as I had to go to Eastbourne anyway. It was quite a party atmosphere, with crowds standing around staring at it, licking ice-creams and chatting to the police and firemen. Luckily it’s not as bad as I expected. It’s only the main part at the entrance that’s been completely damaged. And the blackened skeleton is still standing there.Although the fire had been put out, there were still three fire engines there, plus loads of police, police cars and incident vehicles. 

Of course, some of the police were lapping it up, being OTT bossy and ordering everyone about when they were crossing the road, or peering over their ‘Do not cross’ tape. It couldn’t have anything to do with the BBC cameras, photographers, etc there, could it?! 

The thing that’s making everyone angry is that it may have been started deliberately. Arson is a subject that doesn’t get much discussion, but it’s a known sexual deviation. When the firemen film the crime scene, the arsonist is nearly always there, watching the fire and loving it. He gets his kicks from seeing the flames. But on the other hand, so does most of the crowd! They’re horrified, but enjoying the sight as well. I’d like to know what the clues are that identify the arsonist. This is a crime that needs to be exposed more as it’s a very dangerous, costly and upsetting crime.What’s making some of our males sexually inadequate, so that they need to get their kicks from violence or causing terrible fires? Is it something to do with their diets? Additives in our food? Or is it something in their genes? Can regular takeaways severely damage your health? You can guess my opinion, Dear Readers. I think that when they’re caught, their sexual abilities, plus what they eat on a day to day basis should be carefully investigated. I know how ill some cocktails of E numbers make me. No, I don’t get an urge to set fire to buildings. I have to rush for the loo!