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From the 1,000th Hill No. 23  Spring ’21 Lockdown Garden catch up.



September 1st is traditionally the first day of Spring in South Africa.

Over the years that I have lived here, the first day of September has been in turn – dry, soaking wet, brilliant sunshine, thundery, and dreary.

I thought you’d like to catch up on my lockdown garden.

Here is my first article from earlier in the year.




Since I started it a year ago, my ‘cow free’ garden has brought me great joy.



I must admit that over the winter months there hasn’t been much to do, because nothing grows and the grass goes brown.



The succulents really come into their own now and bloom so beautifully.



I think I shall plant more, as my gardens have always had to thrive on neglect.



This last few weeks we have had everything the weather can throw at us, from sizzling hot tropical days to snow – yes, snow !! We NEVER get snow. It was icy cold and already raining when we noticed the flakes in between the rain drops. Ours didn’t settle, but just up the road they had lovely snowfall and white grass !!!

I don’t know about global warming, we have local freezing !!

This means that some of my flowers are late. Usually by now the lilies and some orchids are in full bloom, but they must have known the snow and low temperatures were coming, because they still have not bloomed.

By the same token, some of our blossom trees have bloomed at least a month earlier than usual, sending the natural rhythm of the year into a tizz, because the birds, insects and other creatures depend on the seasonal patterns for their survival.

The swallows and swifts are busy returning and they fill the sky with their swirling shapes as they look for familiar places. The yellow billed kite, our harbinger of Spring has returned, but the cuckoo known as the ‘Piet my vrou’ is not yet here.

I wish I could rattle off all the names of the flowers in these pictures, but my botanical name skills are up to maggots !! All I know is that I have had a bit of trial and error in the garden as I discover which of them likes sun or shade, and how dry an area each plant thrives in.



Lavender-thyme-rosemaryThe herbs have all but disappeared, but we have had some lovely soaking rain, so I think they will be up and pickable in no time.

I promised to show you the new growth after the fires. Although this is further down the grounds, here are the new shoots coming through.



Meanwhile you will find me sittin’ here sittin with my thoughts.

Here is the song referred to  “Sittin’ here sittin’” from my “Over Africa” album.




Love, always,




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  1. I am just hoping the cuckoo “Piet my vrou” returns soon. We also wait for our returning migrant redwings and fieldfares each year.

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