Folk Off!

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new Online Music Magazine, FOLK OFF!

Rock, Blues & Music News.


trufflenews-logo-fatmags Truffle News is starting soon, with some amazing stories of violence, secrecy, and delicious recipes!




And we’re now a part of the FAT-MAGS Group.

That stands for Food And Travel, Motoring And Great Stories!


Thanks to you, Dear Readers, our numbers continue to climb and climb.

I think that part of this is because of our Translate attachment, which means that you can instantly read B-C-ing-U! in practically almost language.

Do try it. It’s great fun!

But of course, it’s also thanks to our wonderful group of Writers!

I’m sure you’ll agree that their completely different styles from around the world make B-C-ing-U! an interesting and unique Online Magazine.