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Sussex Snake is given a Permanent Home.

P1020432Remember my articles last year about the giant Sussex Snake? https://b-c-ing-u.com/arts-entertainment/art/giant-snake-invades-sussex-town/

And the follow-up https://b-c-ing-u.com/arts-entertainment/art/giant-snake-invades-sussex-town/


Secret stones are a popular pastime, especially with children, where someone paints a stone and leaves it around for someone else to find and leave somewhere else.

A lady called Anna painted a snake’s head on a stone and left it on the edge of her village green. And within a few weeks, the snake, which became known as the Annaconda, had over 5,000 painted stones stretching round the green.

See my other articles, above, for photos of the amazing painted pebbles laid neatly one after the other  as far as you can see.

Some of the imaginative designs must have taken a long time to do.

Other pebbles had simple pictures or messages, often done by children.


I was pleased to find out that the decorated stones now have a permanent home in Crowborough, on the village green near the White Hart.

It’s a very well designed memorial to a historical and traumatic part of our history, and how people came together to create something entertaining out of covid, and I think the Council has carefully thought about the design.

From a distance it looks like a giant mosaic.

Rana & Isabella try to spot their own painted stones.

The metal container of all the stones is circular and there are three circular beds of lavender round it.

Although a lot of the painted stones are losing their colour, they are still an attractive part of the whole design.P1020429

The only thing missing is a plaque, explaining what it is. But I’m sure that one will appear in the not too distant future. And I’m also sure that it will become a favourite place to visit.