There she goes, The Phoenix taking flight rising from the ashes of Erotica as Sexpo UK hitting the public consciousness hard. Doom laden and gloomy and slate grey November spirits were lifted with 3 weekend days of fun and joy of the adult variety, as a sexual health and lifestyle exhibition at Olympia, London.


With an estimated 10,000 footfall attendance, the general perception was of a well organised event, providing an interesting assortment of stimulating stands and an invigorating, memorable and outlandish live stage entertainment, which brings me to ‘Pyrohex’. 4 stunning horny leather strapped semi-clothed knee booted ‘Bodica’ blonde ladies strutting the stage S&M style accompanied by a seminal hard rock soundtrack. Like whirling dervishes your senses were assaulted with flamed pyrotechnics, power tools with serious attitude personality and a general pounding of the eyes and mind. OMG. In so many ways the highlight of Sexpo UK, which the thunderous applause from the audience confirmed.


Particular mention should also go to the ‘Ecstatic Joy Temple’. This joyous stand was providing ‘samplers’ of authentic tantric massage providing ‘a world of intimacy, beauty and bliss’. That last word sums the state of consciousness where I ended up, after the most sensuous and sensory stimulating treatment of lightly bare nipple ‘washing’ accompanied with warm lip ‘nibble’ and electrostatic featherlike hand massaging provided by the most spiritual and warm ladies. I feel a visit to their establishment in Old Street, London for the ‘Full Monty’ any day soon. I really does take you to ‘another place’.


Undoubtedly the weirdest and surreal act was ‘Pricaso’ – ‘The World’s Best Penile Artist’. He was clothed in nothing more than a large pink top hat, straight out of ‘The Mad Hatters Tea Party’. Master painter Tim Patch twirled his anatomy with amazing dextral artistic effect. The image will for ever stay etched in my memory.


During the course of the 3 day event, there was a multitudinous selection of seminars to attend. My favourites from these being, ‘Blowjob Masterclass'(why is it ‘blow’ when ‘suck’ is the order of the day?), ‘Male Masturbation Masterclass’ and ‘How to pull a Porn Star’. I was however disappointed to note no ‘Female Masturbation Masterclass’ was in evidence. That I think would have proved extremely interesting.


To sum up Sexpo UK will only go from strength to strength. It was well planned, bristling with innovation and variety. it will prove to be a calendar event that no distributor or retailer should miss as a platform to meet and greet for the industry. Straight out of the blocks it sprinted forward with great aplomb and enterprise, promising of yet more to come in future years, undoubtedly bigger and even better. Carnal Creative the organisers deserve a huge ‘big-up’ for providing a great new horizon of inventive entertainment.


Sexpo UK will be back at Olympia, London, 11-13 November 2016


Graham Swain