Meercat sunbathing.

Meercat sunbathing.

London Zoo, also known as Regent’s Zoo, opened on the 27th April, 1828.

Originally it was a collection of animals for scientific study.

Finally it was opened to the public in 1847.

It covers 36 acres in Regents Park and has around 20,000 animals.

There are over 800 different species.

Early in the morning, the visitors seemed to be mainly serious couples who carefully read every detail about the animals, and studied them all for quite a while.

Coast & Cosmo 030 (Small)Later, around midday, the zoo grounds were full of excited schoolchildren in high-viz jackets.

That’s my idea of a Job From Hell. How on earth do the teachers control them all and keep their group separate from the other groups of children?

There are so many distractions that it was hard for six of us to keep together!

It was a hot day and the animals were making the most of the sun, lazing around and proudly ignoring their audiences.

When they get too hot, they can retire to their indoor homes.

Armstrong-Jones' aviary.

Armstrong-Jones’ aviary.

A wooden bridge spans the giraffe enclosure. You can walk up it and be level with the giraffes’ heads as they munch on the leaves tied to the bridge.

They’re like cartoon characters. They have the most beautiful eyes with long lashes, and their colouring looks as though it has been painted on them!

My favourites were the meercats. They seem to have such fun all the time, playing and rolling around, popping up on their haunches and jumping off rocks!Coast & Cosmo 073 (Small)

The two giant tortoises are 150 years old, but they had more energy than I have!

Coast & Cosmo 044 (Small)I’m sure that they’ll live for at least another 50 years.

It’s well worth spending a whole day out at the zoo so that you don’t have to rush round it all.

There’s so much to see right through the day, with talks being given while the animals are being fed.

London Zoo is run by the Zoological Society of London; the ZSL.

They work in more than 70 different countries, protecting animals and their habitats.

150-yer-old tortoises

150-yer-old tortoises

Opening times are 10am-6pm.

The Regents Canal runs through the Zoo and there are some attractive painted boats on the water.

You can get a waterbus from Camden Lock to the Zoo.

We caught the train to Victoria, then the Underground to Camden Lock, crossed the road and walked direct for about 15 minutes.Coast & Cosmo 079 (Small)

On the way back, we stopped off and visited Camden Market.

Some of the people you see in Camden High Street are weirder than the animals in the zoo!


Mad Hatter's Tea Party in Camden High Street.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Camden High Street.