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Travelling Round Tenerife. The Truth, Warts & All! Part 1. Tuesday.



I’ve just returned from five days in Tenerife, and yes, Life has changed.

I’m going to tell you what I loved, and also what I hated.

My journey to Heathrow is usually a doddle; I’m dropped at Gatwick and I catch a National Coach. They used to run every half an hour.

I enjoy the coach ride. There’s plenty of legroom and I take a picnic and a good book.

Not this time. There were only four coaches a day, with a two hour wait at Victoria Coach Station.

I could either set off at 8.30 and spend over six hours in the Terminal, wearing a mask, or arrive with no time to spare.

So I booked the 12.30, arriving at Heathrow at 4.55 with a rush to reach the Check-in desk.

And there were no evening coaches when I got back.

We flew to Madrid on an Iberia flight. The Captain explained that the air conditioning is now safe as it blows down on the person in the seat below it and then goes into the floor without dispersing round the plane.

I felt so sorry for the little children. Travelling a long way is normally difficult with young children. But making them wear a mask for over five hours, in the Terminal, on the plane, and at the other end is impossible. They were crying and pulling at the masks to get them off.

When we arrived at our 4 star Hotel Maydrit  the bar was just closing. Luckily the waiter took pity on me and let me take a glass of lovely cold Spanish wine up to my room.

Masks were compulsory everywhere from the minute you leave your room.

There was a delicious cold meal waiting in my room; a plate of toasted club sandwiches, a mixed salad and a slice of cheesecake.

I slept well in the king-sized bed.

Conclusion. Travelling is much harder, and changing all the time. Plan your journey each way, and do check it the day before.

When travelling with young children, take a couple of empty bottles in your hand luggage. There are water fountains after Security where you can fill them for free.

Take a picnic and plenty of games. There are no headphones available any more for watching any films on the plane. Food and drink aren’t readily available to buy on the plane. And the cabin crew were missing for most of the flight.

Do buy a fan in case they get overheated. There are some lovely toy ones for sale that work when you pump them with your thumb.

Wipes are useful for when they get hot and sticky.

Plan to make your children comfortable so they can go to sleep for a while.

You will need a large supply of face masks, especially when the temperature is in the 30s.

Tenerife is beautiful, interesting and very clean. The people are all friendly and welcoming, the food and drink is all really tasty, and the weather is hot.

Part 2 will follow in a few days’ time.

For more information please visit www.hellocanaryislands.com or contact your local travel agent.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Lyn. Enjoyed your travel story. So interesting to see what is going on when flying now. We have decided not to fly this year as husband has to be extra careful. Keep up your good work and stay safe. Avril x

  2. Thanks Lyn for putting yourself through this so we could know what a Spanish trip is like nowadays. Looking forward to part two

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