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Rachel’s Wanderings in Spain has Become Rachel’s Stay at Home


What an extraordinary experience we find ourselves in. I am not counting days, I am having trouble knowing which day it is! Two weeks into our lockdown, which was going to be two weeks and now is extended. I am very happy it all started as two weeks, I think if we were told four weeks it would have been extremely daunting. But here we are and two weeks has not exactly flown by – but passed.

I am fortunate, I live in the countryside and can go and walk in the olive groves, I stay 1.5 metres away from the trees and have not seen one person yet! I do stay near home and go out several times a day with the dog. I’m not flouting the rules because I think of those living in towns and cities stuck in a flat. I think I would have climbed the walls and be in a straight jacket now.

My patio, plants and garden are my salvation and thankfully except for two cold, wet wall crawling days I can be outside pottering.

Two of my sons aren’t so lucky. The eldest one lives in a larger town which is constantly patrolled by police and the army often pop along to support them. Hefty fines are dished out to anyone on the streets or in their cars without good reason. Him and his girlfriend have two dogs but only one person at a time is allowed to be on the streets. They live together but cannot go out for a walk together. They are finding it stressful. My middle son works in Granada and came home last weekend straight from work, he probably shouldn’t have but the rules say you can travel to your primary home. He lodges in Granada in the week. He wasn’t happy going home the evening before as he usually does so got up to leave here at 5 am with his official letter from work giving him permission to travel.

The youngest had just been told he had passed all the course and could start his term of work experience the following Monday. Half an hour later news came through from the government that all schools, colleges, universities and related activities were to cease. He has been at home all the time since then, not even ventured out to a shop like his father and I.

In two weeks I have now been out twice. Both times for essential shopping. Each of these times everything I wanted to buy was in the shops, even toilet paper. The week leading up to the confinement every time I went shelves were empty and loo paper non existent. Middle son kept saying stock up, I wouldn’t. I also couldn’t. The panic buying I saw makes one put a few extra bits and pieces in the basket. It’s almost contagious. It makes me smile now seeing the loo roll shelf in the supermarket full, even at midday and I imagine shelves in homes everywhere bulging with it.

The death toll in Spain last night had reached over 4,000 people. Which is awful. May it all be under control and becoming a distant memory soon but we really have no idea what the fallout will be. How long these could go on. Could it reoccur? It is sobering. But not totally in a bad way. Will we now realise we are not in control? Nature, God, Evolution, Life is.

In two weeks time I might be allowed out – but be institutionalised and not want to! I am just getting into the swing of so much time on my hands. Doing as I please, no work, no plans. It has taken a while but I am now able to motivate me! Being busy to busy doing nothing was tough. Things change, we adjust, we learn. We also forget far too easily.

B C ing U in two weeks. Will I be free to wander? Will you?








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