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Myfonefix – and they did!

Matt & Scott

Isn’t it great when you can sing the praises of a local business that gives a really excellent, friendly personal service, and fixes your problem too!

Nobody had managed to get my phone working, even people who normally manage to sort things out. Apart from not being able to add things like WhatsApp, my emails refused to come through, no matter what we tried to get them to work!

In desperation I popped into myfonefix in our local town. But I didn’t have any faith in them. There are a lot of so-called computer/phone ‘experts’ in business who have their hands out for money and promise the world, but at the end of the day they aren’t ‘experts’ at all.

To my surprise, Scott had my phone sorted out and working within the hour.

Will I use them again? well I hope I don’t have to, but if I have any problems that I can’t sort out, I’ll be right round to myfonefix, and I don’t doubt that they’ll get it sorted for me!

Matt and Scott set up myfonefix after working for years, selling phones. The cost of buying phones got so high that it’s cheaper to get them repaired.

They started in 2012 and were busy from the moment they opened their door for business.

Their speciality is fixing smartphones; screens, batteries, etc.

Even if you don’t live locally, they run a mailing system, so you can post your phone to them.

myfonefix is at

2 Church Street


TN22 1BJ.

Email uckfield@myfonefix.co.uk

Telephone 01825 212021.

Website www.myfonefix.co.uk


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