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Kalash, Southport, Freshly Prepared Indian Food.


On the last evening of our Southport trip, we were booked in the highly-recommended Kalash Divine Indian restaurant.

We had the address, at the end of beautiful Lord Street, and we were warmly welcomed. We were asked where we wanted to sit and we chose a table near the bar and the front door.


As we’re not experts on Indian food, we needed help with the menu and Ranjeet, the owner, was happy to oblige. He asked us how hot we liked our food. Not very hot, we both replied.P1020699

For the starter, Hubby John chose Chicken ‘65’ Crisp batter fried boneless chicken with garlic, vinegar, chilli, yoghurt and curry leaves which he told was their best seller.

He said, No wonder it’s the best seller. It was a delicious combination of flavours, and not too hot.P1020698

I selected the Gilafi Seekh Kebab; select cuts of lamb best end, soaked in a marinade of crushed garlic, cloves, coriander, degi chillli and yoghurt, cooked over live charcoal.

Ranjeet warned me that it was quite hot, but I still fancied it.

Yes it was quite hot, but it was so tasty that it didn’t bother me. The lamb just fell off the bone.

It’s not really the right thing to do, but John chose chicken again for the main course, and I chose lamb. But of course they tasted completely different.

P1020701John had Murg Tawa Palak, Home style chicken tikka in garlic flavoured masala flipped (their description) with spinach, ground ginger and dried red chillies.P1020700

I had Elaichi Ka Bhuna Gosht, Diced lamb steeped in ginger-garlic juice, pot-roasted in a full-bodied cardamom flavoured spicy masala.

From the list of Rice and Breads, on Ranjeet’s recommendation, we had Pilau Rice, Braised rice with browned onions and whole spices, and Garlic Naan, with freshly chopped garlic and coriander.


The portions were generous and I couldn’t eat all mine, despite John’s help!

I loved the garlic naan. It actually had curry in it! If you’re going to use curry, make sure it can be tasted.

These combinations of flavours were new to us non-Indian food experts, of course we tasted each other’s food, and it was a great, interesting experience.

It was ‘real’ food, all freshly made, with not a jar in sight!

The restaurant has 55-60 covers.

The menu has recipes from all over India, from North to South.

Over 10 staff work in the Kalash and Ranjeet says it’s a pleasure to have his team.

He has four full-time chefs who all start work early to grind and roast all the spices, and to make their own sauces.

Head Chef Uday Seth is an experienced chef who has worked in India. He said his purpose is to ‘Re-educate the British Palette of the Wonders of regional Indian food.’P1020703

I asked one of the waiters if there were any desserts as there aren’t any on the menu.

With a smile, he disappeared into the kitchen and reappeared with something with ice cream on.

After a couple of mouthfuls, I was begging Ranjeet for the menu.

He wrote it down for me and said it’s a popular Indian sweet and I could find it online.

It’s called Gajar ka Halwa.

Grated carrots are cooked with milk for 6-7 hours until thick. Then sugar, pistachios, nuts, saffron and cardamom are stirred in.

It’s a lot of cooking, but well worth it. Obviously they make it in large batches.

Just make sure that you don’t burn it.

Ranjeet said you have to ask to find out the Sweet of the Day. Again, they’re all freshly made.

We loved our meal. It was a wonderful new experience for us.P1020705

As we walked along Lord Street in the warm evening air, all the trees were lit up. It was a beautiful sight.

Bliss Hotel, Southport; Perfectly placed for a Short Break.

Southport, a Lovely Surprise!

Food & Drink
Auberge Brasseriewww.aubergebrasserie.co.uk
Kalash Divine Indian1-5 Lord Street, Southport, PR8 1RP (ample parking)


Tel 01704 548 777

or 07787 738158

email sales@kalash.co.uk


Bliss Hotelwww.blisshotels.co.uk
Visitor Attractions
The Atkinsonwww.theatkinson.co.uk
British Lawnmower Museumwww.lawnmowerworld.com


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