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Hello World! Introducing B-C-Ing-U’s New Writer


Hi there!

I’m delighted to be joining the team at your favourite online magazine, B-C-Ing-U.

Our esteemed leader, Lyn, suggested that you, beloved Reader, might like some background.  After all, how do you know whether you want to follow someone’s writing until you find out what makes them tick?

Currently, I live in Sussex, South-East England, with my musician husband, Stuart Bligh (www.the-big-blue.com) and 2.5 cats.  The .5 is one that belongs to someone else but prefers being in our house.  Knowing cats, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll have 3 cats.

I reached Sussex by a VERY circuitous route – all the better for gaining life and geographical experience.  Liverpool is my birth city, and you’ll be able to age me when I tell you that my Dad played football with John Lennon when they were teenagers.

From there, the family gradually moved further and further north, living in the Lake District before moving to Scotland.  We spent a long time in the north-east of Scotland, where I experienced most of my schooling.  Then we moved as far north as you can go on the mainland without dropping off.  On a clear day, I could see Orkney from my bedroom window.

On reaching an age where I could make my own decisions, I headed back south to Aberdeen and, eventually, to London, determined to work in the music business.

And I did.

It was terrific fun to be working out of Carnaby Street offices on a rock music magazine mixing with and interviewing my music idols.  I even managed a couple of bands, one of which did rather well.

The trouble with working in a business that people actually enjoy is that it doesn’t pay very well.  If you’ve ever heard the famous expression “Man cannot live on free promo CDs alone,” I can tell you it was me who coined the phrase.  (What do you mean, you’re not familiar with it?).

So I went to work in the City of London.  Less exciting but much more lucrative.  Anyway, by that time I’d met my very own long-haired musician so you could say I took the music with me.

That meeting was quite an iconic event in my life.  Not only because we’ve now been married since 2000, but also because of the less than salubrious circumstances of our meeting, that being in the Gents toilets of a seedy rock club in Soho.  It’s one of those stories we both tell late at night after a few too many jars… or, alternatively, one that you tell to The Mirror (newspaper) who feature it in a centre-page spread!

Mirror article

Anyway, Hub and I made the decision to move south from London and we settled in East Sussex, which is where you and I are now crossing paths, dear Reader.

Once here, I took up writing again – had my own regular page in “A Place In The Sun” magazine – travelled the world giving talks, including on cruise ships, and started singing.  I’m now part of a duo (www.stardustmusicduo.com), playing regularly in pubs, clubs and hotels.  I’m learning to play keyboard and guitar.  I paint – mostly animals in watercolours.  And I write – I’ve had a couple of books published and write original songs, too.  I’m also studying for a BA (Hons) Degree (Philosophy & Creative Writing) with the Open University.


So, all-in-all, a pretty full, and most enjoyable, life, filled with music, theatre, art, animals, nature, books, travel, sunshine, friends and fabulous food.

I look forward to sharing all this with you through my writings as we get to know each other over the coming months.

How exciting!