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Coping With Coronavirus 19. Why are the Garden Centres Closed? + Growing Tomatoes From Seed

coronavirus tomatoes
Cover with compost

Why are all the garden centres closed when everyone wants to buy compost, seeds, and lots of garden plants; flowers, vegetables, salad plants and herbs?

There’s a lot more room in garden centres than there is in supermarkets, so keeping your distance is no problem.

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I have my suspicions…

If you want to grow your own tomatoes, try this method. It really works!

Slice a tomato and lay the slices on a pot of compost. Then lightly cover with more compost.

Keep it well-watered.

coronavirus tomatoes
Tomato seedlings

Our seedlings started springing up in less than two weeks and they’re appearing by the hour. So far there are 15!

We’re now trying it with cucumber slices, so I’ll let you know what happens.

Short of space for all your tomato plants?

coronavirus tomatoes
Upside-down tomato plant

Try this method. Grow your plants hanging upside-down  from empty bottles.

Cut the bottom off an empty plastic bottle.

Cut a slot in a piece of cloth and wrap it round above the tomato plant’s root.

Gently push the plant through the top of the bottle and then half fill it with compost.

Cut 4 holes in the base and thread string through the holes. Tie it at the top and hang it from a suitable place where it can grow.

As the plant gets bigger, tie up the branches so that it grows upwards as well as down.

Keep it well-watered from the top. the water soaks down and drips over the plant.

I’ll keep you informed of what happens over the next few weeks.

Another good thing about your upside-down tomato plants is, the slugs and snails can’t get at them!

2 Responses

    1. Hi Bert, so far about 50 tomato plants have appeared & they’re still popping up! I’m trying cucumber slices now. Watch out for an update on B-C-ing-U! in a few weeks’ time. And get your friends to save their empty plastic bottles!

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