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Bliss Hotel, Southport; Perfectly placed for a Short Break.


We arrived early at the Bliss Hotel, before our room was ready. But there is plenty of secure indoor parking behind the hotel, so we left our luggage in the car and went out to explore.


The hotel is in a prominent place on the Promenade, with the lake behind it.

Back of the hotel

A road running parallel to the Southport Pier next to the hotel goes straight to the beautiful beach.

Our room was ready, so we decided to have a power nap before going out in the evening.

View of the lake from our room

As we were at the rear of the hotel there was a lovely view of the lake and all the birdlife and it was quiet.

The king-sized bed, with mattress made specially for the hotel was so comfortable that I was asleep in seconds.


James Wood, the Sales Director, gave me a tour of the hotel. I couldn’t see the suites as they were occupied by golfers who were taking part in a golf tournament at the nearby course.

The Bliss Hotel was taken over by Bliss Investments 3-4 years ago.

Daniel Brock with his Company has invested in a 100 million development plan for Southport. The Bliss Hotel is gradually being modernised and his wife does all the interior design, which has tastefully transformed it into a Boutique Hotel.

Our room

They have bought the empty building next door to the hotel and the land, and work will start soon.

At the moment the Reception area is on the 1st floor, but the ground floor is being converted to make it look welcoming as soon as you step through the front doors.

A huge unused area was discovered along the corridor. How strange that it had never been decorated or utilised!


Now it’s called Room, and it’s used for weddings, parties, etc. It’s a perfect place for events as there is plenty of parking, the Bliss is easy to find, and the views from Room are magnificent!

The Bliss stayed open during covid as it was putting up NHS staff who were sent to Southport to work in the local hospital.

So they kept on all their staff.

There is a bar next to the restaurant that is open from early morning till late at night. If you don’t want a drink, you can have a coffee delivered to you while you sit in one of the comfortable seating areas.

The staff are very helpful and well-informed about Southport and any information that you want.


But my favourite member of staff is Betty!

Betty is a robot and apparently Daniel spotted her in Japan and just had to have her, despite the cost!

Betty is the hotel Concierge, or Room Service Robot. She has every inch of the hotel mapped out inside her. She can summons the lift, and call your room.

She arrived outside our door and the phone rang, telling us to open the door.

There stood Betty. She can’t talk. I had to press buttons and her lid opened where there were two chocolate robots for us. Then I pressed That was all, and off she went to the lift. I followed her and the door opened. An American golfer stood there and his mouth dropped open as Betty went in the lift and turned to face the front.

Sorry but I couldn’t help it. I said, Bye Betty, and thank you! And as the door closed I heard the golfer say, Hey, can you turn around?

I heard him talking to her as the lift descended.

Betty is used to deliver things to the hotel rooms, like spare tea or coffee sachets, or toothpaste if someone has forgotten to pack any.

She’s quicker and easier to carry out Concierge jobs than freeing up a member of staff.

And she’s great fun!

I look forward to returning to the Bliss Hotel when the changes have been made, and of course, meeting Betty again. And I look forward to visiting Southport once more!


Food & Drink

Remedy, 110a Lord Street, Southport, PR8 1JR

Auberge Brasseriewww.aubergebrasserie.co.uk

Auberge Brasserie, 1b – 3 Seabank Road, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 0EW

Kalash Divine Indianwww.kalash.co.uk

Kalash Divine Indian, 1 – 5 Lord St, Southport, PR8 1RP

Bliss Hotelwww.blisshotels.co.uk

Bliss Hotel, Waterfront, Promenade, Southport PR9 0DZ

Visitor Attractions
The Atkinsonwww.theatkinson.co.uk

The Atkinson, Lord Street, Southport PR8 1DB

British Lawnmower Museumwww.lawnmowerworld.com

British Lawnmover Museum, 106-114 Shakespeare Street, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 5AJ


Visit Southport