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Energy centre… Crown            Note B           Colour violet             Template 10 violet.





Transcendence. Live only in the present moment.


The crown symbolizes your first links with the astral plane. It is just above the top of your head, and as such reacts to your spiritual truths.


“To thine own self be true”        The real me.       Conscience/spirituality/relationship with your own deity, be it of whatever Earthly religion you have chosen.


The energies or vibrations emanating from your crown energy centre form a fine “mist” of energy or vibration all around your physical body. This is known as your aura, and many illnesses begin here before manifesting in the body. Your highest thoughts, and whether you are at peace with them or not, will be reflected here.


Conflicts between your perception of right and wrong, and your own actions will  upset the frequencies in your aura and affect your entire being…..so will your judgement of others and their behaviour according to your norms and not theirs.


Are you happy with your chosen spiritual philosophy ?

Doubting Thomas ?    Between a rock and a hard place ?    The devil and the deep blue sea ?

Questions about the meaning of your  life, what it’s all about, and the uncertainties of day to day living also upset your crown energy balance.

Do not worry about others in this regard, a higher power than us in charge of all that.

Read the Desiderata and other spiritually uplifting literature to keep you in the highest version of your self possible.


Listen to tracks 10 or 14 and visualize violet haze, fields of violets or violet pansies, purple velvet ….jacaranda blossoms.

Sing the note B , vowel sound EE and let the vibrations tingle all over your skin, lifting you out of yourself to another, lighter being.

Listen to music in the key of B.

Eat  and drink violet.





The opposites of violet are yellow and orange, and it is often said that the spiritual and sexual energies are continually fighting for supremacy.

Be at peace with yourself and let the world take care of itself…live in the present moment.

Everything around you will automatically benefit from your spiritual peace.