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Roast potatoes – You’re not doing them wrong, just try another approach!


Like me, you’ve probably read countless articles that shout to you “You’ve been doing them wrong all this time!” or “How to make perfect roast potatoes!”. Am I going to say that? No! Simply put, because you most likely haven’t, you just do them differently to others, you like them as you do them, or, like most things in life, you’re just never satisfied by the way they turn out. I would put myself in that last category. Instead of boring you to death of a dozen paragraphs before I give my strategy on making decent roast potatoes, I will dive straight in!

  1. If you like roasting new/baby potatoes, you may want to give this a go!

Get a big bowl, put loads of mayo and parsley in it. Boil your potatoes fully. Some say with roast potatoes to only half boil, but in my opinion, a full boil guarantees that full on fluffy middle. If you like the skin on your potatoes, let them cool until they firm up a bit. I would recommend pricking the potatoes before you leave them to cool as this will let more moisture out. Once they are cool, put them in the bowl of mayo and mix them around until they have a thick layer. Ideally, you will have an air fryer so chuck them in there on 165 to 180 c for about 15 mins and keep checking them. With an oven do the same but an air fryer will crisp them up quicker. Depending on how they are doing after 15 mins, just blast them again with more heat until they are really crispy. You can do the same process without the skin; you’ll just have to turn them over more frequently during their cook and may have to add more mayo.

  1. If you like your Maris piper potatoes, you may want to give this a go!

Peel them, fully boil them and do the same process as above. The only difference is that with peeled potatoes you can add cornflour to the mayo mixture which will give the potatoes that crispy/rough/breadcrumb like texture. If you prefer them crispy but smoother (if that makes sense!) then don’t! Below is what they look like with flour.

  1. Left over mash potato or roasted mash potato

Either way, I found this one very interesting as it was merely an experiment, but you can have a lot of fun making new flavours. Whether you have made mash purposely to try this or you have any left over, the process is the same. Get an ice cream scoop ready! Make the mayo mix as above and maybe add some butter to the potato to moisten it. Use the scoop to make potato balls and cover them with the mix, then cook them until crispy. Keep an eye that they don’t stick, but trust me, they turn out to be really crispy on the outside and super fluffy on the inside, unfortunately, it’s a case of checking them all the time to make sure they hold their shape and don’t stick and fall apart, but it is worth it. The beauty of the mash is that you can mould peas, sweetcorn, jalapeños, whatever you want really into the potato to make some different flavourings. I tried peas and mustard first, which was amazing!