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Mumbai Memoir 165 – Doing ‘cool things’ during Mumbai’s Summer!


Summer time in Mumbai is getting hotter over the years. Temperatures almost touch 40 degrees at times! Mostly people choose to stay indoors either at home or at office and occasionally visit hill stations around Mumbai to beat the heat. But when one stays at home it may get boring if one is not engaged in a constructive activity. Such times pursuing an art, craft, hobby etc really can make one ‘feel good’ about staying indoors.  Recently I had the pleasure to visit my friend Dr. Smita Nagaonkar’s home. As I was spending time with her son Aadit, we came up with an indoor plan of making cookies and coolers. Even at age 12 Aadit has good command on food preparation. As a team we started our mission where Aadit led the cookie making mission & I led the cool beverage making plan.

Before we started the ‘little chef’ checked a YouTube video of ‘How to make Cinnamon Cookies?’ And just brushed up his fundamentals about preparation of Cinnamon Cookies. Once the ingredients were set on the kitchen table top, we started the process. Brown Sugar & Butter were blended together in a container. Once they were synced in together, corn flour was blended with the mixture. A little salt and a spoonful of vanilla food essence too was added to the mix. Though the blending part was bit exerting, but we both took turns to get the mixture to a fine texture. The resulting dough then was kept in the freezer for some time (half an hour) to cool after which small marble shaped balls were rolled. These balls were then placed in a baking tray after which Aadit drizzled cinnamon powder over the cookie balls. The oven was pre-heated for 15 mins after which the tray was placed in the oven for another 15 mins. As the cookies were being baked, I took charge and guided Aadit in preparing the cool beverage. Green apple, red berries & watermelon syrups were mixed in balanced proportion to get a fusion flavour. Freezing the fusion beverage was the next step. While the beverage cooled the cookies were ready!

Thereafter, at tea time relishing the cinnamon cookies were a delight to the tongue & drinking the cool fusion beverage, after being tormented by the hot sun outside, was a feeling of heavenly bliss! Both Aadit and myself agreed that, our food preparation efforts, as a team, & the positive memory we created in the process, truly was the ‘coolest thing’ to cherish this summer! Here’s sharing photographs of the ‘making of the cookies & the coolers’ below:

Photo Courtesy: Shraddha. C. Sankulkar