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Courgette Soup for Under 50p!

Courgette Soup simmering in a large saucepan.

I don’t understand how people struggle to buy food when there are always so many bargains and freebies around!

We eat well every day.

A few days ago we went blackberrying and picked several bags of the fruit.

On the way to the car we passed a house that was selling home-grown courgettes for 20p each. They were almost as big as marrows, so we bought five.

They’re flavourful, with  soft, edible peel and hardly any seeds inside.

I used a potato peeler to thinly slice one of them and dropped them in boiling water for a few seconds. You could use them for a spaghetti dish.

This afternoon I made a Courgette Soup. It’s an easy old recipe.

Fry a chopped onion in oil. Chop up the courgette and add to the onion with water. Simmer.

I added a couple of chopped potatoes as a thickening agent, parsley and seasoning.

Blitz when it’s all soft, until smooth.

You can add something creamy like fromage frois, milk, cream or yoghurt. I added some yoghurt, but the soup is surprising creamy anyway. You’d expect the courgette to be lacking in flavour, but it’s delieicious.

I got a large panful of soup for under 50p!