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Welsh Witterings:  the leaves are falling and there is a chill


It’s that time of year again when I despair that mince pies, festive cupcakes and even Christmas crackers are for sale in the shops. It’s only September and whilst there is a chill in the air and the leaves are beginning to fall, there are still plenty of flowers about, blackberries to be picked and we haven’t even got to Halloween yet, so for goodness sake why are the supermarkets stacking the shelves with advent calendars? Alas, I lament every year that the supermarkets push the seasons closer together and so we now see Christmas, Halloween and Bonfire night products on the same shelf and no sooner have we eaten our turkey and tinsel than the valentines meal deals are out alongside the Easter eggs.


Well, I would love to see a return to eating seasonally and to festive days an festivals being promoted in the correct season. Do I really need to rush through the year in a seasonal blur? I think not! IMAG2017

I have been celebrating the month of September by picking the hedgerow gluts of blackberries and crab apples and making the most of the last of the British strawberries by preserving them as jam.  I intend to gleefully glutton on the flavour of warm weather during the cold winter nights when all the shops can sell me is Easter eggs and red roses! IMAG2016

It has been a fantastic year for blackberries and crab apples and I think I’ll need to order some more jars in order to alleviate some of the burden of all the fruit I have picked and frozen; but the children have all enjoyed the long country walks and a spot or two of hedge bothering and so far we have not felt the urge to devour a mince pie in the month of September. IMAG2030