antique-alentine-1909At first, February 14th seems a rotten time of the year to celebrate love and Valentine’s Day.
Christmas has gone, but the bills probably haven’t!
Are you both working hard to pay your debts, especially in these hard times? Are you exhausted at the end of the day?
And February’s weather is usually cold, grey and depressing, which doesn’t help.
Love is probably the last thing on your mind!
On the other hand, in the UK we have long dark winters, and nothing happens between Christmas and Easter. So why not get into the mood, and have a mini-celebration to cheer you all up?
Nobody knows for sure who St Valentine was. There seems to have been about three of them. It was a fairly common name meaning valour and bravery.
In 469 AD Pope Gelasius set aside February 14th to honour St Valentine. Gradually it became a day for exchanging love messages and St Valentine became the Patron Saint of lovers. Presents were exchanged and lavish balls were held in some societies.
Young males and females in the Middle Ages drew names from a bowl, which they wore on their sleeves for one week.
Hence the expression To wear your heart on your sleeve.
Cards were first sent in the early 1800s in the USA, and Valentine’s Day quickly became the commercial celebration that it now is.
Commercialism can kill the real meaning of traditional celebrations by putting too much emphasis on the cost of everything, and dragging it out longer.
Why not hold a traditional Valentine’s Day? You can set the mood without splashing out on a lot of expensive shopping.
Turn it into a party celebration and have a bit of fun. Get those creative juices flowing!
Involve the kids. Encourage them to make cards and decorations. Design your own card with a silly poem in it.
beans-jeansGive the cards to your Other Half in the morning so that they have all day to work out that Something Special may happen in the evening! It might give them something to look forward to.
Maybe they’ll appear with a card and a bottle of wine, or some flowers.
Dress up in your party gear.
Make a fun Valentine’s Day meal.
You can find a large selection of heart-shaped items, especially in the cookery section of supermarkets, hardware stores, etc . Look around for small metal cookie-cutters, or something similar.
Cook some bacon and then use scissors to cut it into arrow shapes.
Stand a heart-shaped cookie cutter in a frying-pan with oil in. Break an egg into it. Or cut the egg into a heart shape when it’s cooked. Place it on top of the arrow bacon.
Cut a slice of bread into a heart and toast it. Carefully spoon cooked baked beans beside it.
Serve your ‘hearty’ meal and wait for the comments!
When the children are in bed, set the mood for the two of you.
Light the fire.
chocsTurn off the main light and either turn on a table lamp or light some candles.
Play music with memories for you both.
Get the wine out. And don’t forget the chocolate.
A little bit of effort can work wonders. Forget the bills, the winter weather and your headache for the night.
Remember, you’re not the only one with problems, so why not bring a little fun, excitement and romance into your life and ease the daily pressure off the family for a while?
I’m sure your efforts will be appreciated. You might actually enjoy it!