Brian Childress received an email from somebody
purporting to be a Nigerian banker offering Brian a
chance to earn some serious money.

He told Brian his bank was looking after 37 million
dollars of a deceased millionaire.

He said he needed a foreign bank account through which
to launder the money – and if Brian would send him
his bank details for this purpose, he would give Brian
a share of the spoils.

Brian helped him out, but he never saw these promised
millions. They did not exist.

Now, what’s this got to do with archaeology?


What you are about to discover may shock you. Or anger
you. Or you may be relieved that you did not fall for

If you had innocently endorsed something and found outnib
you were party to a scam, what would be the honourable
thing to do?

Yes, you know the answer to that. After all, you have to
face yourself in the mirror tomorrow, right?

Very well, today I have some rather startling news for

And why am I bothering? Because I don’t like records
manipulated to promote false claims.


* Suppose I was a lawyer. Wouldn’t I be
professionally obligated to inform you if someone
was giving you bad legal advice?

* If I were a building inspector, wouldn’t I owe
you the truth if I knew the house you were
purchasing had termite-weakened foundations?

* If I was an accountant, you would expect me to
advise you if a neighbor’s tax advice could put
you in jail.

Okay, I’m none of those things, but I’m trying to providenib3
the same service in my areas of expertise.

More and more, people ask me about

* Planet X, the Anunnaki and the Nephilim.

* Did extraterrestrials from a distant planet
called Nibiru (Planet X) come to earth and
crossbreed with creatures here?

* And does Nibiru’s orbit bring it into our solar
system every 3,600 years?

* Is it due to visit us soon?


With many confusing claims these days, how can one
sift fact from fiction? That’s an important question.

The answer is to test everything. Demand real evidence.
Because there are many self-proclaimed “experts” out
there, who either
(a) don’t understand their topic, or
(b) fake data.

Now, what about this Planet X story?

It’s the kind of story you might want to believe. A
certain popular writer, describing himself as an expert
on  ancient texts, tells us that beyond the planet Pluto
there is an outer planet called Nibiru.

Nibiru was populated by a reptilian super race.  Thosenib4
extraterrestrials were known as Annunaki.

The Anunnakis’ own planet was dying. So the Anunnaki
came to Planet Earth to attempt a rescue of their planet.
The gold on Planet Earth was needed to create a shield
for preserving Nibiru’s dwindling atmosphere.

One can actually feel sorry for the Anunnaki.

Anyway, this Planet Nibiru, in its orbit, came close to
Planet Earth.

A group of 50 astronauts from Nibiru, with their leader
called Enki, splashed down in the waters of the Persian
Gulf. Some Anunnaki were sent to mine gold in Africa.

When the toil became unbearable, Enki ‘created’
‘primitive workers’ by mixing the genes of male Anunnaki
with the eggs of early female hominoids, to bring about
Homo sapiens – you and me.

This sudden speed-up given to our evolution explains how
the Sumerian civilization began suddenly, fully
developed, with no evidence of a primitive beginning.

You can credit these extraterrestrials for jump-starting
it, this popular writer says.

Oh, and something else. The orbit of Nibiru (which some
label Planet X) brings it into our solar system every
3,600 years. It will return to Planet Earth very soon.

Well, that awakens my interest. What about you?


In any case, this gentleman, whom we shall call Mr S,nib5
assures us that this is what the clay tablets say. In
fact, he has been heavily promoting this topic.

In contrast to the airy speculation of von Danicken, Mr S
claims to be a scholar. He graduated in economics. But he
claims to be an expert in ancient Sumerian texts and

You have to admit, an argument appealing to ancient clay
tablets does sound somewhat scholarly.

For a number of years I accepted this gentleman’s claim
that the above story was in those ancient Sumerian records.
After all,  you just don’t make up such things, do you?

When Mr S first spun his exciting story to us, how many
of us had access to all the Sumerian texts?

From my years of independent research, I knew that Mr S
had at least one thing correct – that the Sumerian
civilization began suddenly, fully developed, with no
evidence of a primitive beginning.

As you know, in today’s world, where we are taught that
early man was primitive, it is rare to hear about high
technology in the ancient world. So I felt a measure
of rapport with Mr S.

For this reason, my customary cautious approach softened
toward him. And I did enjoy reading his books.

So I let down my guard just a little to give the “facts”
in his books due respect – in particular, the claimed
fact that certain ancient texts existed that backed up
his story.

Accepting his claim also to be a responsible scholar, I
went as far as to quote him a couple of times in my book
Dead Men’s Secrets.

After all, it was apparent to me that Mr S did have a
number of things right:

1. That a Global Flood had devastated the world in
the past.(See the evidence for that event in my book
Surprise Witness.)

2. That there was a civilization that started in
Mesopotamia, from descendants of the Flood survivors.
(See the archaeological evidence in my book, The
Corpse Came Back.)

3. That Sumerian civilization started at a high
level.(See Dead Men’s Secrets, chapter 2.) This
does need explaining.

Now, getting back to the Sumerians: It is a fact that
Sumerian civilization did appear suddenly, unexpected
and out of nowhere.

Yes, Sumeria sprang into existence already fully
developed – that is, without transition from a primitive
state, with a fantastic ready-made high society.

In the remotest period of which there are records,
Sumeria shows a level of civilization which is, by
popular understanding, inexplicable. It sounds crazy I
know, but it’s a fact!

H. Frankfort (Tell Uqair) called it “astonishing.” Pierre
Amiet (Elam) termed it “extraordinary.” A. Parrot (Sumer)
described it as “a flame which blazed up so suddenly.”
Leo Oppenheim (Ancient Mesopotamia) stressed “the
astonishingly short period” within which the civilization
had arisen. Joseph Campbell (The Masks of God) summed it
up this way: “With stunning abruptness. . . there appears
in this little Sumerian mud garden. . . the whole  cultural
syndrome that has since constituted the germinal unit of
all the high civilizations of the world.”


How could such a society suddenly spring up, at the top,
not at the bottom? Just like that?

Mr S to the rescue. He proposed that the reason ancient
Sumerian culture was able to spring up suddenly, out of
nowhere – was because of aliens from outer space.

He says the advanced knowledge was given to the Sumerians
by extraterrestrials. And he identifies them as the
Anunnaki gods spoken about in Sumero-Mesopotamian

And how does Mr S know all this?


Well, it’s on the Sumerian ancient clay tablets, he tells

You have to admit, an argument appealing to ancient clay
tablets does sound rather scholarly, right?

Oh well, you must have guessed by now who Mr S is, so I
might as well name him.

But I shall make it absolutely clear that what follows is
not about the man. It’s about the subject. I have no
problem with Zecharia Sitchin as a person. Until he died,
he was probably  quite a nice guy.

For a number of years I assumed that his story was, as he
claimed, in the Sumerian records. After all, you just
don’t make up such things, do you?


Over a period of time I had been receiving emails asking
me about

* Planet Nibiru (Planet X)
* The Anunnaki
* The Nephilim
* The 3,600 year orbit of this planet, which is
said to bring destruction each time it passes
close to the earth.

So I felt an increasing obligation to dig deeper.

Well, I was checking carefully through the story. And an
irritating anomaly cropped up. Assuming this story were
true, such a misfit piece made no sense. It should not

Naturally, this bothered me.  Shrug it off as an isolated
problem? Perhaps. But it did cry out to be resolved.

But, pursuing this matter was not so easy. You see,
very soon another inconsistency surfaced.… then another…
and another.

Bother! The problem was not just one, but a growing
procession of non-fitting pieces.

That’s when it struck me that the problem might be not
with the inconsistencies, but with Mr S’ story.

Here are some of the serious questions that arose:
1. Mr S said that the Anunnaki come from the planet
Nibiru (a 12th planet). How do we know this is so?
According to our friend, it’s in the Sumerian texts.

PROBLEM: Search, search and search! But, no
matter how hard one might search, it was
absolutely impossible to find even one
such Sumerian text!

2. Nibiru is a planet beyond Pluto. How do we know?
According to our friend, the Sumerian texts say

PROBLEM: Again, I could find not one
single Sumerian text that says so.

3. This planet Nibiru cycles through our solar
system every 3600 years.  According to Mr S, the
Sumerian texts say this.

PROBLEM: But try as one might, no such
Sumerian texts could be found! Not anywhere.

Was the problem with me?

Search as one might, the Sumerian texts displayed a
distressing habit of not being there. So could the
problem be with me?

As I scratched my head over this, a few more awkward
questions began to nag at me:
+ Why did Mr S claim that the biblical pre-Flood
“sons of God” who married the “daughters of men”
were called “nephilim” – when the Genesis text
itself said something very different?

+ Why did Mr S say that “nephilim” means “people of
the fiery rockets” and also “those who came down
from heaven”? – when, in the Hebrew language, the
word “nephilim” meant nothing like this.

+ Why did many of Mr S’ vital translations of
Sumerian and Mesopotamian words, differ so much
from Mesopotamian cuneiform bilingual dictionaries?

Why… why… why? Here was a whole mass of questions
now crying out for an answer.


You should understand something here. Experience in
front line archaeology has taught me that facts must
always override theories. If a theory says yes, but
the discovered facts say no, then the theory is wrong.
That is plain common sense.

In an investigation, there may be hundreds of
information bits to consider. One may start out
imagining a scenario, but when all the facts are in,
the final picture may turn out to be quite different.

Let’s say you have hundreds of torn-up bits of newspaper
scattered over the table, and you want to fit them
together to form a page. But after working for hours,
you discover the pieces just do not fit.

Well, that’s where I was with the many pieces to Mr
Sitchin’s theory. They just did not fit.

So what would you do? What better than to ask the man
who gave us the pieces? So I sat down and wrote to
Zecharia Sitchin, asking him to help me clarify these

Surely he would substantiate his story better than
anyone. Perhaps he had sources not available to the
rest of the world?

I waited and waited. And then, it came. As I pulled it
out of the post box, my heart thumped heavily. I tore
open the envelope, and there, inside, was a photocopy
of my letter, with Mr S’ few brief notes scribbled over

It revealed that the dear man’s claims were in tatters.

If you are a lover of the TRUTH, then you will be excited
that the  truth is now ready to come out.

My report on this came to 224 pages. That’s too much for
an email, but I have put it into a new convenient package
with two other explosive reports called “Forbidden
Discoveries” and “Men in Embarrassing Places”.

This whole package is all about so called “experts” being
caught red-handed. You will be astonished at the deliberate
mis-information being fed to us. It is now time to face
the truth.


To get your hands on these red-hot reports please go to

Wishing you a good week,

Your archaeologist friend,
Jonathan Gray

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