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Quarries and Caves, Road Tripping Around Inland Almeria


Leaving the Mediterranean Sea and Almeria city behind hubby and I drive north-east past the white-sheeted frames of never ending plastic tunnels. Many are empty, plastic flapping, rusting framework collapsing. This largest concentration of greenhouses on the planet is ugly but just a few minutes inland and the landscape changes dramatically. Stunning rolling hills, far reaching views and swathes of nature dotted by small towns await. We did around fifty minutes of pleasant, almost empty road driving before reaching our stopping place.



Cuevas de Sorbas

Sorbas, a delightful looking town perched on top of a rocky outcrop, our destination and home to Cuevas de Sorbas, Sorbas Caves which is in the Gypsum Karst Natural Park a semi-desert area. This lack of rainfall is what makes Sorbas Caves one of the world’s best Gypsum Karst sites. We donned hairnets and helmets and followed the guide through a dry river bed to the caves entrance.



The rock walls along our path glint in the sunlight, this is gypsum in crystal form. Glittering like ice in the sunlight and inside like a thousand stars with in the head torch light. This subterranean world of caverns and channels covers around fifty kilometres with various sized caverns some accessible others blocked by columns formed by stalactites and stalagmites.

Photo – Sorbas Caves


Several different tours are available, had we known we’d have chosen the longer, more difficult route of 4.5 hours where some crawling and abseiling is needed to reach the Treasure Cave with stalactites and stalagmites. But our time was limited and our short tour informative.

Our guide produced a lighter removed a piece of crystalised gypsum, heated it then crumbled it into white powder – plaster.

A fascinating visit. There are several types of visits run by  Natur-Sport Sorbas S.L. Easy ones for the likes of me and far more active ones and some bordering on potholing – not for me.

Rachel Webb


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  1. I love caves & how they’re all different – but only on well-lit escorted trips. I think potholers are mad!

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