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Mumbai Memoir 153- Searching for simple pleasures around!

Attending Lord Ganesh Festival at my friend Dr. Shiwani Tandel’s home this month.

With the pandemic wave still bobbing up and down, travelling to distant places raises doubt and worry. Boredom is natural when one is living in a monotonous routine. To break the routine its important to do something different and healthy which would positively distract oneself and break the monotony. Dopamine release in the brain occurs when one pursues novelty or has gone through a rewarding experience. Though the effects of dopamine release being short lived, but its release is good enough to break the boredom one experiences of a forced restricted life due to the pandemic. Photography excites me and it’s a rewarding feeling when I click a new and creative photograph. Like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, similarly photography subjects lie in the eyes of a ‘thinker’! One needs to have that vision to notice that moment, angle, colour combination or symmetry to aptly click and capture that moment. After all life is a collection of one’s clicked moment, let it be in a camera or in the mind’s eye! Here’s sharing some recent photographs that re-kindled enthusiasm in me.

Accomplishing ‘Chicken Korma’ preparation.


Just after taking my 2nd dose of vaccination at a centre that was decorated with colourful balloons.


First rose blooming in my balcony.


First Hibiscus blooming in my balcony


Noticed this funky design while cutting a cabbage for salad!


August New Moon celebration of the ‘lamp fest’ at my home.