DSC_0294_editedStrictly for your delectation and to demonstrate no favour over the Toyota Aygo, BCingU presents images of both Peugeot and Citroen. 

Produced in Kolin, Czech Republic (why? Because it costs less than France, or Japan, or the UK for that matter), the new Peugeot 108, Citroen C1 and their alter-Aygo are the fresh standard for city-cars in Europe and other new car markets. They are all quite excellent and all, basically, identical, which is a dashed good reason not to waste too much time explaining the differences.

There are 1.0 and 1.2-litre engines available. They perform moderately well and really drive excellently, because they all feel a lot more grown-up than their small statures might imply. The Citroen is all about colour and pizzazz (I particularly love the coral ‘pink’), while the Peugeot is somewhat more ‘blingy’ and aimed at a more upmarket but still fun buyer.

The Aygo has already drawn criticism of its advertising tagline, ‘Go Fun Yourself’, but I believe that the spoilsports who make such complaints are most definitely not its customer base anyway. Of course, the various models will still be bought, or acquired, by ladies with blue hair and gentlemen, whose hirsuteness can only be described as a reflection (see what I wrote there?) of their characters. Perfect for me, then, except I have gone to the Teutonic ‘dark side’ and opted for a Skoda Citigo, which is part of the Up!-Mii-Citigo (pardon the expression) line-up of near-identical alternatives that I believe to provide the better mix of competences.

Anyway, luxuriate in the lovely imagery….