By Queen B-Lyn

I’ve just got back from a very interesting trip to Poland (more about that later) and here I am, really ill again. I’ve got a terrible cough, temperature and the sniffles. I’m so ill that I actually blacked out for a couple of seconds on the coach from Stansted. I broke out in a terrible sweat, I heard a buzzing and I knew I was losing consciousness. Luckily I was already lying down. Then I turned freezing cold, so I huddled under my coat and went back to sleep. Today I’ve just coughed and slept all day.

It’s not a coincidence that I always catch something when I fly with a certain low-cost (as long as you don’t have any luggage, food, etc) airline. I wonder if they ever clean out their air condition or is that part of their money-saving plans as well? Quite honestly, I’m sick of being sick after a trip abroad.

We’re forced to go through the most intensive security, but we’re in more danger of being killed through something that we actually catch when we get on the plane! Thank goodness my next trip abroad is with Eurostar. The station’s easier to get to, the security’s more relaxed, we’re allowed to carry more weight, we’re not under pressure and, quite honestly, the trip is quicker if you’re travelling under 600 kms.

Right, back to bed for me!