Painting by Beryl Cook

Painting by Beryl Cook

Every time there’s a thunderstorm, I rush around the house shouting, ‘Batten down the hatches!’ and shutting all the windows and pulling plugs out of their sockets. My Dad used to do that – except for shouting ‘Batten down the hatches!’ That’s my addition. He also used to pull the aerial out of the TV as well. People have always thought I was a bit, um, eccentric. But now I don’t seem so stupid or obsessed. This year there have been some terrible storms, all over the world.

Last week, when I was in Poland, there was a terrific storm here. A boy along the road got an electric shock from his Playstation or X-box, and then their house caught fire. It’s very badly damaged, and I feel deeply for the family who are now homeless. But would it have happened if they’d taken the same precautions that I do?

I now have another part of my Storm Routine. We have a tap in our conservatory, and I’m keeping the garden hose right beside it!

Meanwhile, a storm woke me up this morning and it’s been growling around all day. The sky’s getting darker and there are some ominous clouds getting nearer, so I need to turn my computer off and unplug it…..

Like most people, I love sitting on a Mediterranean balcony or verandah with a cold glass of something, watching the impressive storms out at sea. 

But storms are potentially dangerous, and mustn’t be underestimated.

Must go!