moon lynWe’ve just had a Supermoon, or Perigee Moon, when the full moon is 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal.

Perigee comes from two Greek words; Peri – near, and Gee – Earth.

It can be as near as 190,000 miles away, when it turns night into day, shining through the bedroom curtains and keeping us light sleepers awake.

I lie there for hours, tossing and turning. But Hubby John will go into a deep sleep and snore at full volume!

Our ancestors used to take the moon’s power and importance to our planet for granted. And so did the rest of the world, spending years building huge ornate temples, carefully lined up to show the moon’s rays.

They planted their crops, lived, and reproduced according to the moon’s cycle.

Of course, a Lunatic is the name for someone who is mentally affected by the full moon. And of course, we don’t believe it now, do we?

A lot of dogs will howl at the moon when it’s big and full.

Modern research (if there is any) keeps very quiet about the power of the moon, especially a Perigee Moon.

Even the modern doubters of everything ancient accept that the moon has the magnetic strength to completely alter the sea’s direction, affecting the tide. And that to me is a lot of power from a giant rock a quarter of a million miles away!

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and general severe weather are often connected to a Perigee Moon. Maybe it has the power to trigger off anything liquid in the Earth.

It’s known that hospital admissions increase. More babies are born during the three days of a full moon.

When there’s a Perigee Moon, there are more heart attacks, epilepsy, bladder problems, new asthma cases, gout, and haemorrhaging on the operating table.

There’s an 82% increase in emergency operations!

My lovely friend Julie stepped onto a bus in Malta, sat down and died at once of a massive heart attack.

When they rushed her to hospital, another friend was there as his Dad had just suffered a heart attack. And we found out later that another friend had died on the same day at around the same time, of a heart attack. And that’s just the people that we know about!

On the bright side, a Perigee Moon increases your subconscious, so it’s a good time to let your brain run freely, especially if you’re writing a book, or looking for a good idea, for your business, for instance.

But on the bad side, as your brain runs amok, alcoholics, for instance, will think a lot more about having a drink.

When I was a very successful Sales Rep, I used to get two cancellations a month, the week before and during a full moon.

My manager called it Lyn’s Moon Phobia, but it never altered.

In the end, I actually used to tell people that if they got the urge to cancel, could they please hang on for a week until the full moon has passed!

I know that there are always idiots on our roads, but watch them during a full moon!

Absolutely loads of them turn left without indicating, or indicating at the last-minute as they cruise round the corner, often in 4th gear.

And you’re more likely to see a crash during a full moon.

The moon is regarded as feminine. It affects women’s monthly cycles.

The trouble with modern technology is that in a lot of ways, it’s made us go backwards. It’s like the people who used to believe that the Earth was flat, and they were right and everyone else was wrong.

Why do we pooh-pooh  ancient knowledge? It wasn’t just superstitions; it was knowledge.

Just think what progress could be made, in the medical and the geological world, if the so-called ‘experts’ carefully investigated what our ancestors took for granted.

Many lives could be saved, and our knowledge of the planet that we live on would increase drastically.

Mother Earth is a living thing. We should listen to what it tells us and treat it with respect. The Earth and the moon work together. They need each other.

Meanwhile, there’s another Perigee Moon due on the 9th September. Two in two months. Very rare!